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  1. I have a situation where I will have a dozen special staff members who have different shifts and I need to write a program which, based on customer appointment requests, adds and deletes appointments with those special staff members. I want to handle holiday, standard shifts and blocking out time for days off and the like. I am new to new to x2crm and I have yet to discover how I would have staff even handle putting in their standard shift start and end times, lot less having entering company-wide holidays, etc. Would I be wise to use x2crm at all given this is a key requirement? If so,
  2. Hello, I've got the software running on an Amazon EC2 instance (for what difference that makes) and any event i try to add to the calendar will not display. I've tried several different iterations, i.e. follow up date for a phone call for a particular record (nothing), reminder for a task (for my own record), and have tried both as the webmin AND as a user account that i created. Nothing. Any ideas what i may be missing? I have not set it up to sync with Google calendar, just using the one that's provided with the package. I figured first things first. Thanks in advance for any ins
  3. Hi guys, when you invite someone to a calendar event, the email allows him to RSVP with a button which puts him on your own CRM to select Yes/Maybe/No. That works fine...BUT This outbound email invite to the recipient should include a calendar event .ics file so they can select the event for their own calendar also. Sending just the RSVP link even when selected by the recipient is somewhat useless if the recipient cant load the event into his own calendar, apart from manually recreating it on his side. Recipients will simply forget about meetings. How can I send a ICS calendar format a
  4. Hello Community, when my partner in Shanghai creates a meeting for both of us while I'm in Germany, will x2engine note the different timezones and tell adjust the meetings to our timezone? An example: He is entering a meeting for 6pm in Shanghai, will x2engine show me 6pm as well or will it convert the time to my local time? If it doesn't this is a feature request! thanks rene!
  5. When i select the french langage in preferences of the user and i create a new event, this event is not visible in the calendar. Only the events created in english langage are visibles. Si je saisis un évènement alors que j'ai choisi le langage français dans préférences de l'utilisateur, cet évènement n'est pas visible dans le calendrier. Seuls les évènements saisis avec le paramètre "langue anglaise" sélectionné sont visibles. Have you an idea fo fix ? (Sorry for bad title i can't modify. It coul be : Event created in english is visible, not in french. )
  6. Hello everyone, I have question about Calendar module in X2CRM 6.5. In the previous version of the X2CRM (more precisely 6.0.4) I could add multiple users to the event that I created - now I don't see such a possibility... I know that I can create group of users, whose content see only those selected users but I can save it only on one calendar at a time. Is there any solution to save event simultaneously on several users calendars? I will be grateful for any help Best regards.
  7. Hello, I have a trouble in the calendar since the 6.5.1. ( not existant in 6.5.0) After updating in 6.5.2 and install a new version 6.5.2 for better testing, the following trouble continue : - when creating a new event in the calendar with assignation to other member, the event is not visible in the calendar of the member assigned to. For testing in new install, i verified the member where well affected to a group. I verified the members where affected to a rule with all view and edit permissions. Each member has the right to view calendar of other members. Have you an idea fox fixing
  8. I'm a junior user, first time to have problem in updating X2. Please help, thx all in the community! Have tried to change Storage Engine to innodb in x2_calendar & invites in mysql Message I have: Update X2Engine to 6.5.1 from 6.0.4 Exception: "A database change failed to apply: CREATE TABLE `x2_calendar_invites` ( `id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `actionId` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL, `email` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, `status` enum('Yes','No','Maybe') DEFAULT NULL, `inviteKey` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`), KEY `actionId` (`actionId`), CONSTRAINT
  9. Hello All, Were is calendar data stored? I have a user who states that all of his calendar data has disappeared and I cant find were that data is stored in the database. Also has anything changed in calendar data by upgrading to 6.5? Thanks, OrangeGrape
  10. Hi, I need a feature in calendar to record meeting attendance. Currently, X2 only relates a single lead or contact to an event. It will be wonderful, if X2 can relate multiple users, leads and contacts to an event. An recurring event function will be even better. Jake
  11. I'm playing with a trial version of X2CRM before deciding upon what CRM to go with. Thus, my knowledge of this software is very limited. One of the essential features we are looking for is the ability to view clients' birthdates on the calendar so that we can send cards. What we would really like is send cards not to the clients, but to the clients' children (since the children are the ones we work with the most in our business). I have tried adding birthdate fields to the Contacts module with the "Manage Field" tool, but the new fields are not showing up for existing or new contacts. Ho
  12. I searched the forum and it looked like there was hope that two way google calendar sync was going to be included in the next release. Was that accomplished or is still TBD? I recently installed 6.0, enabled google integration, and have one way sync. I use an online appointment booking system that is tied to google calendar, I need a way for those appointments to be fed into x2crm. Thanks, J
  13. Hello Forum, I created a date/time field in contacts, how can I get it to sync to my calendar or add it to my calendar automatically.
  14. After update to 5.2.1 from 5.0.9 new calls logged in the publisher show up on the calendar. Is there a way to disable this behavior without going into the call task and completing it? Thanks in advance.
  15. I am testing out Google Integration for Sign-in With Google and Google Calendar synchronization. I was able to successfully set up integration as directed but I noticed a potential bug Email addresses with a period/full stop "." fail to synchronize the calendar. john.doe@gmail.com can sign in with google, but X2 Calendar events do not sync to google calendar Email addresses without a period/full stop seem to work just fine. johnsmith@gmail.com is able to sign in and synchronize the calendar. I've tested so far with 2 emails that have a period in the address and 2 emails with
  16. Hi. Question about reminders for Actions and Events When I add an action with a specific due date and time, I see the option to add a reminder x minutes before it is due. I expected the reminder to produce some kind of pop up, or other obvious audio or visual cue. However, while testing the reminder function almost nothing happens. I received no notification of the reminder outside of the dashboard page. There is no indication of the upcoming event or action If I am working in a different module or record at the time. Am I missing something? Is there some setting I can turn on to make re
  17. please update the google api php client here x2\protected\extensions\google-api-php-client\src\service\Google_ServiceResource.phpadd below line'syncToken' => array('type' => 'string', 'location' => 'query'),to this arrayprivate $stackParameters = array( 'alt' => array('type' => 'string', 'location' => 'query'), 'boundary' => array('type' => 'string', 'location' => 'query'), 'fields' => array('type' => 'string', 'location' => 'query'), 'trace' => array('type' => 'string', 'location' => 'query'), 'userIp' => array('type' =&
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. Hi! I just installed X2Crm for a Customer of mine. He wants to work with the IPhone. I dont get the Calendar, Actions or Comments in there. I can just have a look at the Contacts and do nothing with them. Is there any chance to get mor functionionality into this. I need to see the Actions and the Calendar. I need to add new Actions, Comments, ... to a Contact. Roland Schuller IT-Open
  20. Hey all! First post for me. Thank you very much for providing such a powerfull resource! We just updated to 3.3 from 3.2, and now, when you click to change the date of an activity, (Update Activity > Due Date) the calendar does not pop up. That is a big deal for us, because we use it to change when to follow up with a prospect all the time. It wasn't that way in 3.2, is there any way to fix it? -ralejeal
  21. After updating to 3.1 version all user calendars appear to be displaying html code. I had this issue under the admin user prior to upgrade but did not effect other users. I do not get the code when I only have the calendar filtered by opportunity. In addition the admin can not delete and account or contact while viewing. Admin would have to be editing the form. I will start a new thread on this issue.
  22. Hi all, Don't know if it is technically possible -and if it's complicated or not- but I think it would be helpful to add week number (ISO standard) on calendar. Week number may be helpful on a lot of sales and export departments. What do you think?
  23. i see : Error 404 The requested page does not exist. when i try do change the users calendar permissions , logged as admin. Even in a Live Demo of X2CRM site. (it shows the user's name , but when clicked gives this error)
  24. Hello? Is possible to add to the calendar The Actions I Create? When I create an Action Whit a Due Date Nothing is shown on Calendar. The Same question for Quotes. when I Create a Quote with an expiration date Nothing is Shown on Calendar? It is possible that Quotes go to calendar? Finally, When I Update a Quote as Won , Can This create an Opportunity automatically? Thank you
  25. Hi, google calendar integration is great idea! How can I add action/event to my google calendar through X2CRM? It seems to me it should work somehow because when creating calendar it's possible to grant edit permissions. The best for me would be if user can specify that google calendar will be used by default for all his actions/events. You get than powerfull google web intrface, integration with mobile phone, outlook etc for free. Thanks, Kuba
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