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Found 24 results

  1. Hi guys, I have a weird issue. On our one machine, using Chrome, if I go to a module and see grid-view of records, in the ID field column filter box, text appears for no reason to filter. The text in this filter is from an old filter exercise and has nothing to do with the ID field even. The net result is that the grid-view then filters and obviously doesn't show anything. I have cleared Chrome cache, cookies and all. On that machine if I log into the instance as other users it does the same in Chrome. On the same machine using another browser its doesn't do it. Also on other machine
  2. I have been unable to figure out how to mark a contact as "do not email". After some digging, I've realised there should be a simple check box present on the contact's page, but I don't have that. Can anyone explain to me how I fix this, or if there is another way to blacklist a contact from being included in a mass email? Thanks.
  3. I uploaded a png file but the file was corrupt and now I get a 500 error whenever I try to view it. I am unable to remove this file - has anyone seen this before? Can someone please tell me how I can remove the file? I tried deleting it on the server side but the file still appears in the media section. Error Code: 500 Error Message: htmlspecialchars() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given Stack Trace: PHP warning in /data/upload/framework/web/helpers/CHtml.php(108) #0 /data/upload/framework/web/helpers/CHtml.php(108): htmlspecialchars() #1 /data/upload/protected/components/formatte
  4. When I log an entry under "opportunities", if I go back and try to edit that entry I'm presented with a blank window. There are no errors in my web server / php logs. Can anyone help? (screenshot attached)
  5. Hi, Not sure whether this should be a bug report or something else. The below malfunctions may just be a javascripting problem on my instance so I'm listing them in one question. I've tested on a couple browsers with same experience. A few days ago some of my instance's features became unresponsive unless I refresh the page or they're just altogether unresponsive. 1) In my Contacts and other customized modules, the columns dropdown menu selector does not autohide, even after toggling it or clicking away. Only clicking the "Clear Filters" button or refreshing the page hides the dropdow
  6. Hi, Im using X2CRM 6.5.2. The Remote API Call is replacing {email} tag with HTML tag "<a href...". I think its a big problem in most of situations. So I have made a workaround. I edited the file protected/components/x2flow/actions/X2FlowApiCall.php and added this at 210 line: $data = strip_tags(htmlspecialchars_decode($data)); I hope it helps. Thanks.
  7. Hi guys, I had this some time ago and was unable to solve. its become a bit of a problem. On any of my users, the PROFILE page shows nothing. I can bypass this and get back into the system by manually typing the URL for any other area of the installation. But any action pointing to the PROFILE of the users results in a blank. thus not loading code or anything. I thus also have to change my default landing pages for each user to NOT be profile else it looks like they aren't logging in. Any suggestion on where to start looking. Thanks Eugene
  8. In Contacts form in the grid or on the form the value in the phone field does not show. When in edit mode it shows. Either going to the Edit form or clicking on the field to edit it shows. I even disabled phone filed links under preferences. X2Engine 5.0.3b Platinum Edition Regards, Glenn
  9. Hello, got a bug report, whenever I'm opening a Contact, Action or what so ever I'm getting this Error! this is the bug report: Here's a quick list of what will be included in the report: Error Code: 500 Error Message: Class: Competitors not found. Stack Trace: [click to toggle display] X2Engine Version: 5.0.2 PHP Version: 5.4.35 thanks!
  10. Hello, whenever I sign onto my X2 Engine on my site, I have a few very specific problems that happen every time: The main "home" [http://www.*******************.com/x2engine/index.php/profile/1] page of every single user (web-admin and created users) appears blank -- the only thing that sometimes appears is the little 'X2' logo up in the top left corner, and that only appears some of the time.In addition to that home page appearing blank, attempting to view the profile pages themselves also brings up at worst the blank page, at best a page that is completely out of format -- this too happens
  11. X2Engine Version: 4.0 PHP Version: 5.3.27 Hello, whenever I sign onto my X2 Engine on my site, I have a few very specific problems that happen every time: The main "home" [http://www.*******************.com/x2engine/index.php/profile/1] page of every single user (web-admin and created users) appears blank -- the only thing that sometimes appears is the little 'X2' logo up in the top left corner, and that only appears some of the time. In addition to that home page appearing blank, attempting to view the profile pages themselves also brings up at worst the blank page, at best a page that is
  12. Hey all! First post for me. Thank you very much for providing such a powerfull resource! We just updated to 3.3 from 3.2, and now, when you click to change the date of an activity, (Update Activity > Due Date) the calendar does not pop up. That is a big deal for us, because we use it to change when to follow up with a prospect all the time. It wasn't that way in 3.2, is there any way to fix it? -ralejeal
  13. Email tracking isn't working anymore since updating to 3.1.2 There is a visible broken image icon in the emails.
  14. Hi, I found a bug (I think) on quotes module. when you update the status field, the creation date is being overwritten to "December 31, 1969 6:32:49 PM" and the expiration date is being erased. If you try to reassign valid dates to the fields and save the record the updates aren't saved to database. Can you help me? I Also have a doubt. What is the path for the SendReminder program? in the Readme File is written "http://www.[yourserver].com/[path to x2engine]/actions/sendReminder" Of course I replaced the www.[yourserver].com to my domain name and path to X2engine but a 4
  15. The screen was not being displayed properly when we click in an action. In local installation it displayed an error message : Fatal error: Cannot redeclare compareChunks() (previously declared in D:\xampp\htdocs\x2engine\protected\controllers\x2base.php:488) in D:\xampp\htdocs\x2engine\protected\controllers\x2base.phpon line 488 In the live demo http://demo.x2engine....php/actions/17 In the above link, the page shows only text content as follows : Action: Aiko Megumi Description Set up introductory meeting after their quarter closes Association
  16. Hi, I have a fresh install of the application and it's awesome but there's one strange thing going on (version 1.2.2). I was doing some tests on MAMP and everything worked great. After I installed the app on the server everything seems to be working except for the contacts module (even add contact). It's suddenly dead - no response nothing. Chrome says that the connection with the server is terminated; other browsers do nothing. I've tried reinstalling it three times (with and without dummy data) still nothing. Also I've tried it on admin and user accounts. i will be super grateful for any
  17. When creating custom fields in custom module, the date is saved in database as varchar. Then using it in form causes problems in edit - the date conversion function expects number - and dies. I've changed the field manually in database to int.
  18. hi comunity i'm a new user from chile and i´m try to test this amasing crm but i have some problems with it in the installation. i copy lines with the problem C:………………..x2engine\framework\db\CDbConnection.php(382) x2engine\framework\db\CDbConnection.php(331): CDbConnection->open() x2engine\framework\db\CDbConnection.php(309): CDbConnection->setActive(true) x2engine\framework\base\CModule.php(388): CDbConnection->init() x2engine\framework\base\CApplication.php(431): CModule->getComponent("db") x2engine\framework\db\ar\CActiveRecord.php(615): CApplication->getDb() x2engine\fr
  19. Hi, when trying to export my module created in web admin this error message is shown: Error 500 Unable to get directory contents for "/mnt/" What does it mean? Thanks, Kuba
  20. Hi, version 1.2.0 When playing with XCRM I came accross the following which can be bug: create new module from web admin. Add some cutom fields. Now look into file register.php which is located inside new module directory - I would expect that in the create table script there are my new fileds as well. But they are only in the database. Thanks, Kuba
  21. Version 1.2.0 Go to Calendar --> Create --> click Group checkbox under Edit Permision - the other checkbox under View Permission is toggled. The checkboxes has the same id and name. Kuba
  22. Version 1.2.0 Go to Calendar --> List previously created calendars --> click one to view --> click Edit The edit form is not shown, instead calendar pane is displayed. The setting in Form editor is correct though. Kuba
  23. Guest

    Known bugs: 2011-10-17

    Hello everyone, here is a list of bugs which we are either working on or have already fixed in our development repository: Email drop-box function won't work if the site's URL doesn't have 'www' at the beginning Web lead capture is from an old version of X2Contacts and will not work at all Clicking background on login screen fades out the page, but clicking on the page again won't bring it back Admin cannot disable user accounts Search bar will show contacts marked as private Numerous deprecated ereg functions Possible issue with importing contacts from template I will update this as we notic
  24. Guest

    Known bugs: 2011-09-30

    Greetings X2Contacts users! It's now been almost two weeks since our initial release. We are planning a second beta for release in another week or two. In the mean time, we'd like to acknowledge a few issues that have been identified in the first beta: Japanese language files may be corrupt Hyperlinks in Social Feed posts may not work Several issues related to the background fading in and out when you click on it No way to navigate between mobile and full site Top Contacts delete buttons sometimes don't work There are a number of other small, obscure issues. We are working on fixing these, an
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