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Found 3 results

  1. I have created new field in module "Contacts" by X2Studio to save clients birthdays. I selected type "date" for new field. But now I have 2 problem 1. I can't chose date before 2010 year 2. I try to save date in new field, but it does not be saved. And if I save date directly in new field of SQL-base I will get the date in my CRM And I have to have date field, because I going to import birthdays from another CRM
  2. Hi, I just installed x2Crm on my server and I saw that I do not have a field that I use to fill birthday date. There is a way to insert this field with some form editor somehow? I appreciate that information. Thanks for all
  3. I'm playing with a trial version of X2CRM before deciding upon what CRM to go with. Thus, my knowledge of this software is very limited. One of the essential features we are looking for is the ability to view clients' birthdates on the calendar so that we can send cards. What we would really like is send cards not to the clients, but to the clients' children (since the children are the ones we work with the most in our business). I have tried adding birthdate fields to the Contacts module with the "Manage Field" tool, but the new fields are not showing up for existing or new contacts. Ho
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