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Found 15 results

  1. X2CRM version 5.2 Beta can now be demoed at preview.x2crm.com. HighlightsProfessional Edition ChangesNew Execute Workflow sidebar widget enables execution of individual workflows created in the X2Workflow Studio DesignerNew Profile Dashboard widgets:Docs SummaryEmail InboxNew Web LeadsNew grid view mass actions:Mass convert leadsMass publish comments, actions, calls, and logged timeMass create relationshipsNew mass dedupe admin tool simplifies and automates duplicate record managementNew importer option to update existing records on importTags can now be exportedDocs can now be grouped insi
  2. **Please note: Beta versions are for testing purposes only and are not intended to be deployed in your production environment.** X2Engine 5.0 Beta is now available for download! Here are the highlights: New in Platinum Edition Advanced Security ToolsBan, whitelist, or blacklist IP addressesView a log of user logins and failed login attemptsLock out IPs or users after a certain number of failed login attemptsNew in Professional Edition Integrated Email ClientManage inbound and outbound emails through private and/or shared email inboxesAutomatically or manually Log emails to the action histo
  3. Version 4.1.6 beta has been released. 4.1.6 stable should available in the next week. Version 4.1.6 beta 2 has now been released, and stable will be available within a week. X2Engine 4.1.6 (stable) is now available! In addition to numerous bug fixes, a number of small but useful features have been introduced. Here are the highlights: New "available" lead routing option:Users can set online/offline availability, i.e. when they go on vacationLead routing can be configured to respect this option, i.e. avoid assigning records to unavailable usersGlobal import/export tool now supports custom fi
  4. Guest

    X2Engine 4.1.4

    Hi all, This release, which contains fixes to some rather serious bugs in 4.1.3, is going to be the last release we do before our next round of development. Currently this release is available only as a beta; it will be released to the broader userbase in a few days from now. X2Engine 4.1.4 (stable) is now available! To enable updating to beta versions, see the following section of the definitive guide to updating: http://wiki.x2engine.com/wiki/Software_Updates_and_Upgrades#Updating_to_Beta_Versions
  5. Guest

    X2Engine 3.7.3b

    This release contains numerous important changes, bug fixes and structural/technical improvements. However, it may require a follow-up release with bug fixes due to the scope of the changes that have been made. Download from: X2Community Github SourceForge X2CRM 3.7 Point release 3.7.3b 2/14/2014 New in 3.7.3b (see CHANGELOG for full history): Multiple security vulnerabilities patched in web forms, data import/export, and docs import/export"Lookup" fields performance and functionality restoration overhaul:Search/sort works without sorting on columns in joined tablesAll such fields store
  6. Guest

    X2CRM Release Candidate 1

    We've just released our first Release Candidate build of X2CRM. v0.9.10.1 contains a number of new features that didn't make it into the previous release, and we will be uploading another RC build tomorrow with further improvements. https://github.com/X2Engine/X2Engine code.google.com/p/x2engine/downloads/list sourceforge.net/projects/x2engine/ http://x2community.c...dex.php?/files/
  7. Guest

    X2CRM Beta 11!!!

    Hey guys! We're finally ready for a new beta. We've been hard at work the last several weeks and have a ton of awesome new features, including a much more powerful custom form editor. This beta has most of the improvements we've been working on for the General Availability 1.0 release, which will be in about a week. Feedback is greatly appreciated! The more bugs you find, the better this software will be when we go out of beta. This will probably be our final beta version. Changelog: Quote - Bug fixes - Greatly improved form editor - Groups - Roles (field-level permissions) - Improved wo
  8. Guest

    X2CRM Beta 10!!!

    Greetings! Happy new years everyone. We're drawing very close to the 1.0 GA release of our CRM application and today we have another beta for you. Version 0.9.9 has a lot of bug fixes, and a few new features: Edit: Released several bug fixes in version Changelog: - Fixed major bug with View Action - Email fields on email contact and share contact now support multiple addresses - Improved navigation with contacts - Fixed bug with login screen - Added role support (still in progress) https://github.com/X2Engine/X2Engine http://code.google.c.../downloads/list https://sourcef
  9. Guest

    X2Engine Beta 9!

    Hey everyone, we're releasing our newest beta today (Beta 9, or version 0.9.8). We've also decided to rebrand and simply call the software X2Engine from here on. We're pleased to announce some cool new customization features, such as advanced gridview settings and custom data fields. Changelog from the readme: https://github.com/X2Engine/X2Engine http://code.google.c.../downloads/list https://sourceforge....jects/x2engine/ http://x2community.com/index.php?/files/file/16-x2engine098zip/
  10. Guest

    X2Contacts Beta 8!

    Hello all, the team at X2Engine is proud to announce our latest beta, v0.9.7! We have a lot of new features, such as the Workflow module (a powerful sales automation tool) and improved notifications. Changelog from the readme: https://github.com/X2Engine/X2Engine http://code.google.c.../downloads/list https://sourceforge....jects/x2engine/ http://x2community.com/index.php?/files/file/8-x2engine-093zip/
  11. Guest

    X2Contacts Beta 6!

    Hello again everyone! Here's another beta release (beta 6, or 0.9.5). There are a few bug fixes and new features (see the readme). Enjoy! Changelog from the readme: https://github.com/X2Engine/X2Engine http://code.google.c.../downloads/list https://sourceforge....jects/x2engine/ http://x2community.com/index.php?/files/file/8-x2engine-093zip/
  12. Hi guys! Today we're releasing the next public build of X2Contacts. For the second time we have had to postpone the release of version 1.0/General Availability, due to moving to a new office (which is going to be quite nice!) This should be our final beta release (Beta 5, or version 0.9.4). Changelog from the readme: https://github.com/X2Engine/X2Engine http://code.google.c.../downloads/list https://sourceforge....jects/x2engine/ http://x2community.com/index.php?/files/file/8-x2engine-093zip/
  13. Hello again everyone! Despite our previous intent to release X2Contacts 1.0/General Availability today, we are instead releasing one final beta version. The release of 1.0 has been pushed to 2 weeks from now. In the mean time, enjoy our new improvements and bug fixes! We've fixed pretty much everything that has been brought to our attention on the forums - we really do appreciate your input and patience as we iron out all the last little issues. Without further ado, we preset X2Contacts 0.9.3, or Beta 4. Changelog from the readme: https://github.com/X2Engine/X2Engine http://code.googl
  14. Hello everyone! Today we're releasing our 3rd beta of X2Contacts. In version 0.9.2 we have fixed several bugs and added some new features as well. As always, we really appreciate all the feedback we've received from the community and our beta testers. The next planned release will be 1.0 (General Availability) next week. Changelog from the readme: https://github.com/X2Engine/X2Engine http://code.google.c.../downloads/list https://sourceforge....jects/x2engine/ http://x2community.c...x2engine092zip/
  15. We're finally releasing the fruit of our labors - the brand-new open source contact management system from X2Engine. You can find the full source code in our Downloads section, or take a look at our repositories: https://github.com/X2Engine/X2Engine http://code.google.c.../downloads/list https://sourceforge....jects/x2engine/ ...So what exactly is X2Contacts? Welcome to Social Sales Management Unlike many existing CRM applications that have become unnecessarily complex and bloated while attempting to be everything to everyone, X2Contacts has been designed as a very useable, social,
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