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Found 4 results

  1. I'm on a VPS, with Kualo hosting, www.floridashortsalerealestate.com/crm but the email server for the address I'm using is on Godaddy. I inputted the following email credentials and it gave me an authentication success. Smtp: smtpout.secureserver.net Port: 80 Security: None IMAP: imap.secureserver.net Port: 993 Security: TLS However, when I go to configure my inbox, I get the following error: Failed to open IMAP connection. Please check your email configuration and ensure that your email credentials are valid. The error given was:[CLOSED] IMAP connection broken (server response)-Con
  2. I cannot get either my personal email or google suite email account to authenticate. We of course want our business accounts working with this new installation of X2crm however when we try to authenticate it fails. I have logged into my google suites and reset my password there and tried again at X2crm and still failed. Just to see if it would work I tried my personal gmail account and the same thing is happening. I then decided to try my yahoo account with the same results. My questions are 1. Is there another setting somewhere that I am missing in this setup? 2. I have a new server..
  3. Dear community, I installed X2CRM 3.5.6 on an openSUSE 12.1 with Plesk 11.0.9. The PHP version is 5.3.8. I uploaded the requirement script and it passes all requirements. Yet, I am having serious issues with login / sessions as I do not get past the login screen, despite the fact that I enter the correct credentials. The session file is created in the folder indicated in session.save_path.The lastLogin field on the administrative user's record in the x2_users table is being updated .In the x2_sessions table no record is being created.One thing I noticed is a 302 entry in the log files, sim
  4. Hi all, I'm probably posting this in the wrong place but I couldn't find a better one for it, so here we go. I'm developing an application that's going to run outside of X2CRM, however I would like to add some features to X2 eventually and also I would like to share the same user list for ease of administration for both apps. My only question is, how does X2 hash the user passwords? On the Yii framework site they say to use crypt($str, $salt) but the key and hash I got from the database don't look like it came from crypt. I know what my password is, I know what my Hash is, and I know w
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