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Found 16 results

  1. Hi there! We have clients who use the "Actions" module extensively to follow up with their contact's activities and find it cumbersome in the "List view" to have to click quite a few times to create a new action just to follow up from a previously completed action. The "complete + new action" button is available in the "full record view" (see screenshot) .Can we have the same button up top in the "List View"? Especially when having to follow up with 50+ actions a day it would save a load of time. . PS: Is there any way to modify the "Priority" Dropdown from Low/Medium/High to 1-10? Right
  2. Currently in the x2 database in the "x2_actions" table. There is no "CreatedBy" field. Is it located somewhere else? missing? to be added? Please see the attached image.
  3. Hi, It would be great if we could get an event record created if a new action type 'emailFrom' is created.. That way it shows up in the Activity feed. (The emails already show up in profile view, with reply-to button). But since the Activity feed only queries the Events table, it doesn't show received emails. Here's a sample: added event code after "$this->model->save()" public function actionModel($_class,$_id=null,$_findBy=null) { ... // Validate/save $saved = false; if($method == 'POST') { // Save new $saved = $this->model->save(); /* Add record to
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. Hi. Question about reminders for Actions and Events When I add an action with a specific due date and time, I see the option to add a reminder x minutes before it is due. I expected the reminder to produce some kind of pop up, or other obvious audio or visual cue. However, while testing the reminder function almost nothing happens. I received no notification of the reminder outside of the dashboard page. There is no indication of the upcoming event or action If I am working in a different module or record at the time. Am I missing something? Is there some setting I can turn on to make re
  6. Hello Community, I found a strange bug! I can not create Actions without Associations with Modules! I want to create some Actions regarding the Website etc. in order to create Tasks on what everyone of us needs to do in order to get the company up and running. regards René!
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Hello Community, after some time of business I tried again to get into this system. What I noticed is, that I had severall actions assigned to several users, but after opening them with one user adding some information and than go back to the action list, this prior added action is missing. The last two remaining actions are still there. So I logged in as the admin, in order to see if something triggerd the action to be deledet or at least unassigned from my username, but surprise. In the Admin Account there are no actions at all, eventhough the admin was assigned. Am I doing something wro
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Hi guys, this software is awesome, very flexible and very powerful. I'm new to this so it's very overwhelming. I'm struggling with actions, as an admin, I'm logged in and capturing new leads, there are specific leads I wanted called on a specific day so I assign it to my sales lady and set the due date and time. Perfect. Problem is if I selected the wrong date, how can I modify the action and fix my mistake? I can't seem to find it anywhere? Or even delete the action and recreate it. Another note, I renamed my admin user to something else, not sure if this matters, I still have my admin ta
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. I had to add the field "actionDescription' to the table 'x2_actions' in order to get my notes to import properly. Without that field in that table, the actual note text (actionDescription) was blank. I verified in the 'x2_actions_text' table and the record was being created but the 'text' field was blank (on import), Once I added 'actionDescription' to 'x2_actions; everything has seemed to fall in line. note text gets added to the x2_actions table in the actionDescription field, and no longer in the x2_actions_text_table. So I fear I might have fixed one leak and caused another. I suspect
  13. I am very excited to have found x2. With a little work, I think it could be a contender. I started playing with x2 last week and have done little else since. Having examined the whole application in depth and poked around the code a little, here are what I consider to be it's weak points. An important facet of any crm system is how it helps you manage your time to optimal effect. The Activity Feed is cute but it's not nearly as important as communicating what a user need to be doing now or helping them plan. Essential to that is the categorization of tasks. Currently the closest thing x2 has
  14. When in an opportunity edit view, comments, call logs, and actions are not saved. However, they save properly in accounts and contacts edit views.
  15. Hello developers, X2 is what i have been searching for a very long time. I have seen the mobile support for the IOS devices which works like charm. Is it possible to view the "ACTIONS" in the mobile device itself? That would make the tast management very much easier. If there was any other way that i can do it by anymeans, then please let me know. Thank you.
  16. Just installed. Excellent software. easy installation. Everything works fine except no actions are listed when i click the actions menu item. Not my actions nor everybody's actions. I can reach each action thru accounts and contact, but not on the actions menu as a list. Screenshot attached. 2 actions listed on recently viewed but none on the middle. Temel
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