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Found 6 results

  1. Trying to use the X2CRM App on iPhone. When I enter our X2CRM web address (https://crm.sportschaplaincy.net.au), press "START", then "LAUNCH", we get the message: "We received an unexpected server response. Please ensure that the address you specified is correct and that your installation of X2CRM is at version 5.5 or above." Address is correct (works in browsers) & we are at version 6.5. We fulfill the criteria... what else do we need to do to fix this? Cheers, Peter
  2. Guest

    X2Engine 4.0

    This is, first and foremost, a big release for us. There are numerous new features and adjustments to the look and feel, most prominently, 4.0 introduces a new responsive, mobile-friendly layout that makes X2Engine easier to use on a touchscreen. It replaces the "X2Touch" interface; we've completely done away with that part of the app. Furthermore, we're introducing a new edition to our software: "Platinum Edition". GitHub Repository Download from GitHub Download from SourceForge 4.0 Highlights: New in Platinum Edition:Browser fingerprinting system supplements web activity tracker for wh
  3. Guest

    X2Engine 3.7.4

    Note (3/26): Last week, Secunia Research notified us of additional security vulnerabilities, which were subsequently fixed in version 4.0. Please update to/install that version or later to avoid having a version of X2Engine with the unrestricted file upload vulnerabilities that were discovered. Hi all, This release, 3.7.4, includes some vitally important bug fixes and security updates. We've had to delay 4.0 to get this one out, but we are in agreement that it is more important to offer these fixes first. Special thanks to the authors of The HauntIT Blog for finding these now-fixed vulner
  4. Guest

    X2CRM 3.7 Released

    This release features, most prominently, a completely redesigned Profile / "Home" page, that gives a vastly more powerful and broad overview of information in X2CRM. Furthermore, we know how some of you have had some difficulties with email campaigns sending email. We've had that difficulty ourselves! (Yes, we use our own software.) So, also included in this version is a completely new and more robust batch emailing system that features a real-time progress bar. Finally, in Professional Edition, we added the beginnings of a better time-tracking system: the case timer. It acts as a stopwatc
  5. Guest

    X2CRM 3.6 Released

    Among many things, in this release we're introducing a new feature: Targeted Content Marketing. The system is based on X2Flow and uses X2Flow's design interface, allowing arbitrarily sophisticated and finely-tuned directed content for your site's visitors! Thanks to all who have submitted bug reports and helped point out issues! Download from GitHub Download from SourceForge Download from X2Community X2CRM 3.611/21/2013 New features in this release (see CHANGELOG for full history) Improvements to user preferencesUser option to disable notifications popupUser option to transform all phon
  6. Guest

    X2CRM 3.5 Released

    This release contains some exciting new enhancements to chart widget, in addition to numerous bug fixes. Update: We have noticed a few urgent bugs in the release and have now released a patch: 3.5.1. Download links have been updated, and an update will also be released soon. Download Links X2Community Github Google Code SourceForge Changes "Print Record" feature in nearly all modules shows print-friendly version of a record"Recently Viewed" widget now includes all record typesChart widget enhancementsNew pie chart viewDynamic date ranges, i.e. "last week"Features in Professional Edition
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