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Found 16 results

  1. Hi guys, I am still occasionally bugged by this issue. The forms of my sites don't resolve and they show the login page of the CRM instance instead of the embedded iframe form. I have tried tons of things and some on previous forum posts which include site reverse lookup etc. Because this happens occasionally, as soon as you refresh the page it loads the form. Thus I am unable to replicate the problem and scrutinize the browser developer module for bugs. Any suggestions?
  2. I have a situation where I would like to offer visitors the option to pre-register interest for one or more seminars. Right now I have three identical web lead forms with different tags but as the seminar list grows so too will the number of forms. It there a way of using one form? Also, are tags really the best way we have of recording interest by leads? Ideally, I would like to associate the lead with a particular conference (product perhaps?) What can you recommend?
  3. Whenever a webpage with a contact form gets loaded, a browser popup alerts the user that the site would like to track their location. We DO NOT want this feature enabled. However, it is unclear if it can be disabled for forms. We have disabled geolocation under the Web Tracker Setup area but this has had no effect. How can we disable geolocation on weblead forms? This was not previously an issue since we did not have SSL enabled on the website.
  4. Hi all, So I have a web form - functions fine. However, I am now starting to receive spam through the form - is there any way to prevent this? If not, the form is, of course, of no use and will have to be removed.
  5. Auto-Fill Web Lead Forms Is there any way to auto-fill web lead form fields for existing contacts with the information already on their record? To clarify, if a contact with a web tracking key visited a page with a form, any fields already filled on their record (ex: name, email) would already be filled in. Then they would only have to add the additional information not already in the CRM and/or they could update the existing info. I know this isn't an option with the way the forms are currently, but is it possible through the API? This would be a HUGE advantage to allow the ability for user
  6. Hi all, I've asked a few questions as a new user - not much response unfortunately. However, I'll have another go. Some of the listings and forms need extra data to be shown. For instance the 'Today's Actions' would be much more helpful if there was a field for company or account. I can see no way of doing this from the admin pages. Also the reminder dropdown that pops up regularly just states what is needed or overdue - again, this would be more helpful if it contained account and contact name. If, I am missing something obvious, my apologies. Any suggestions, please? Chee
  7. Hi all, When I look at my email sent box - I see who the email is sent by, when and topic. This makes it pretty difficult to use. I need to be able to see who the email was sent to? How do I change the listing to include the recipient of the email? Thanks, Mike
  8. Hey Guys, I'm currently customizing a form however when i attempt to create the same layout in another module i don't have that option available. Is there a way around this in which i can use the same or similar layout for another module. Thanks
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Hi, Does X2 have a bulk update feature? For example, I send 400 contacts information regarding our firm through regular mail. I would like to note the activity through one update vs. updating each contact one by one. Thanks, John
  11. Hi, Sometimes there is a need to force users to introduce values in fields but not necessarily those fields must be "Required" along the entire application. I would like to have a way to set a field as "Required" at the form level. Regards, Daniel
  12. I'm wondering if I can put some of the Account fields in the input form for a Contact? The only field I am able to select in the Contact related to the Account is the Account field. In other words, when I create a contact, I'd like to have 1 form where I enter all the information rather than having to open the Account form after to input data in there. Thanks -Ed
  13. When logged in as admin I have the address of the account displayed on the "Form" and the "View". However, when I log in on the same computer as a different user I do not show the address for the account on either the "Form" or "View". Another user on a different computer system shows the address of the account. We both use google chrome and I have cleared the cache and get the same thing. I tried to upload a screenshot but upload fails.
  14. I deleted (clicked on the "X") some collapsible en the Contact View form, how can I add them back?
  15. Are there plans to add more functionality to web lead forms? Like detailed feedback to the user when validation fails? or custom fields? or custom validation rules?
  16. I'm a little new to x2 having only stumbled upon it today, however, from what I see this is a great open source option for basic CRM needs. The fact that I can create custom schemas for lead types lets me tailor this to my clients' needs very well. There are a couple things I'm curious about, however. Based on the modules I create (for different types of leads), how do we embed the forms for seamless use on the clients' websites? I figured in the demo it would spit out an embeddable form snippet, sort of how Wufoo and other online form builders do it (or Zoho). How can we customize the displ
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