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Found 19 results

  1. Hi guys, I am generating various ACTION reports (Grid and other) based on date fields as criteria. To limit my report outcome, as example to this month's data, I include criteria of Create Date (Month) must equal 6 for June. Can one use {variables} in these criteria fields to have the month be {currentmonth} or something to always have the field as the current month. in my way described above it means I will always have to update the report criteria for the current month instead of having it 'trail'. I hope this explains what I want to do. Thanks Eugene
  2. All of my contact imports have SIC codes attached to them. I'd like to be able to organise the contacts by SIC code, so I can see all contacts that have the same SIC code ID. Is this possible, and, if so, how? Thanks, Portia.
  3. One little question: Do calculated fields in the online demo work? Because I´ve tried it both ways described in the manual, but none of them worked. Initial situation--> module "testmodule" with fields: {c_zahl1}, {c_zahl2}, {c_ergebnis} 1) in field manager I set {c_ergebnis} as "custom" and in template-mask I entered "={c_zahl1}+{c_zahl2}". But that doesn´t work 2) created a workflow with: record created "testmodule"---> update record {c_ergebnis} = {c_zahl1}+{c_zahl2}. But also nothing happens. So I thought the calculation feature is disabled in the online demo? Or what went wr
  4. Hi, I've been trying to determine whether X2CRM supports calculated fields. It appears it does since the "Probability" field in one module is used for certain calculations. Is there a way to create a calculated field and add it to a form and / or to a report? Thanks, PHNX
  5. Hi, I just installed x2Crm on my server and I saw that I do not have a field that I use to fill birthday date. There is a way to insert this field with some form editor somehow? I appreciate that information. Thanks for all
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. hey guys, please see attached image. i'm currently using the Open Source version of X2crm however i'vefound a complication. My system is meant to show ID numbers for each contact however a comma is seperating the denominators which shouldnt be the case as it isn't a number its an ID. Where in the PHP files can i change the representation of the field. I have also attached an image as an example. Kind Regards
  8. Hi, we need a city list based on the state selection (on a dropdown list). In other words, to have a dependent list of fields. I am using a trial account to test several things but cant find this functionality. is it available? thanks
  9. Hey Guys, I'm currently customizing a form however when i attempt to create the same layout in another module i don't have that option available. Is there a way around this in which i can use the same or similar layout for another module. Thanks
  10. Hello Community, I was wondering how I can export all Fields, FormLayouts and dropdowns. I'm asking because due to some bigger issues with the server I need to completly resetup the system. Now I want to export, contacts, docs, etc.type by type, so that I have a better image of what is imported and was isn't!
  11. Hey Community, got a Problem. I created around 98 custom fields and there are still some to come. The Problem though is, that not all of them are shown inside the "Fields view" and inside the "customize field" and "remove field" view. So it makes it pretty hard to Change some info. regards René!
  12. The first row has all the labels. I'm not able to import it correctlygoogle-car dealer-chicago, illinois.csv Your help is appreciated.
  13. Is there a way to arrange each collapsible area? For instance, I'd like to reorder the Sales & Marketing area that is collapsible and the Social Media area that is collapsible. Thanks
  14. Morning, I'm trying to understand if there is a relationship between a varchar field and a checkbox. Example: I have a field that denotes the language a contact speaks and then a series of checkbox's to indicate if they Speak, Read or Write in that language. Aim: I would like the ability to search for all English speaking and writing contacts. Thanks
  15. Morning, Is it possible to add a quick create (green plus) to an admin Lookup field? Aim is to be able to add new info to the corresponding Lookup module. Thanks
  16. Morning, I am customizing a few of the modules with client requested fields. Is it possible to clone fields from one module to another. (Being hopeful). The main function I'm looking for is to duplicate a admin created field, just changing the field name. This is all in one module. Any help appreciated.
  17. The version 2.0 is pretty good by the way it looks like and also the way it works. When i tried to edit a form , with this link : http://localhost/x2new/index.php/admin/editor?model=Campaign&id=13 Am not able to see any contents in the screen. All i was able to see is the headline and a blank space. Hereby i have attached the screenshot.
  18. Create Field leads to: Fatal error: Call to undefined function lcfirst() in /var/www/vhosts/textwerkstatt.de/httpdocs/x2engine/protected/controllers/AdminController.php on line 735
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