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Found 8 results

  1. Hello All, I recently was able to get a a email template properly set up and pull in all the info I needed. Now i have a few questions: 1. Can i add a default BCC email address to it? 2. Is there a way on the modules main page to show a box that lists all the sent emails using the template? Basically looking for a way to easily manage if and who an email was sent to. 3. How does the system decide on what the destination email should be? could it be if they all match a certain check box in the contact module? Many thanks, Steve
  2. Good morning All; I have stated before the "weakest" part of X2CRM is the document management side of things, which is a major part of everyday business, we are always busy sending emails, producing quotes/offers, documents, in my case legal contracts that are binding. The need to produce templates merged with applicable data field is high on everyone's minds. We spent some money on a bespoke module to generate documents from all fields that live in various module, that works quite well, it is in my view a little clumsy, using html and css to handle document and printing formatting, and
  3. Morning X2'ers In my opinion a "must have" option to be able to select "attributes" from record types such as Accounts, Contacts Media and Custom modules when creating a Document as we currently have available when creating Emails, and to a lesser degree in quotes We work with very standard agreements templates and it would be most helpful if one can populate contractual information from various forms See pics below to get the jest of what I mean Thanking you in advance as always
  4. Hello, I got another feature request. I would like to be able to "Replace" an uploaded Document! So when downloading one document I don't need to upload another Document and delete the old I can simply replace them. Thanks
  5. Hello Community, I would like the ability to have folders inside the Documents Module. right now all documents are stored in one location, it would be much better to have it working like a FTP Server accessed by a browser. Folder 1 Folder 2 etc inside those folders I can store different types of Documents like Folder 1 = Templates Folder 2 = Contracts etc Every folder should be able to offer subfolders as well. thanks René!
  6. Hello Community, got another feature request. I would like to have the ability to edit all Documents using x2engine. So we would need something like office, fengoffice,openoffice, included in x2engine. Than we could not only work together on files created inside x2engine but on documents, I uploaded as well. Right now, we always have to download a Office Document and reupload it and since there is now exchange function there is always a new file uploaded. regards René!
  7. Hey Community, hopefullly I didn't oversea any function: I would like to be able to directly print a Document created inside x2Engine. Right now, when I hit printing or (CRTL+P) the whole opend page will be printed. The best way would be to convert a x2engine document to word and print it than or to have a print button within x2engine. So both feature would be great! regards René!
  8. It would be convenient to have a link to download a file attached to, say, a contact record, so that users don't have to visit the media module record page corresponding to the uploaded file before being able to download it.
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