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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, It seams that everything can be related to everything, that means, any module to any module. It's that true? I didn't find whether I can disable relations that has no sense for my customer. Is there a way to specify which relations have sense and which not? If not, someone else has the same problem? Thank you.
  2. Page: /index.php/admin/appSettings CurrencySelect a default currency for quotes and invoices. Shows the default currency dropdown instead of the modified currency dropdown
  3. Hi admin, I would like to have a reminder for my calendar action. i made an action for the Jan 19, 2013 11:59 PM and set the reminder yes. but i got nothing. i want the reminder in a blink tab like notifications. so my question is how this reminder works, and how can i get reminder before 1 hour? Second thing is lookup fields are ok but at the same time I want the fields as drop-down as well. how its possible? Another one is i made a contact name module for a single account. because an account may have multiple contacts. My intention is to load the contact drop down on selecting Account. h
  4. Morning, I'm trying to understand if there is a relationship between a varchar field and a checkbox. Example: I have a field that denotes the language a contact speaks and then a series of checkbox's to indicate if they Speak, Read or Write in that language. Aim: I would like the ability to search for all English speaking and writing contacts. Thanks
  5. Morning, My client has instructed me to change the modules to what the legacy system uses. I have renamed module accounts to clients. I'd like to now change the Item Name. Is this possible? On same subject, can one change the associate buttons (gray buttons) to also use the modules new Item Names? Thanks
  6. Morning, I am customizing a few of the modules with client requested fields. Is it possible to clone fields from one module to another. (Being hopeful). The main function I'm looking for is to duplicate a admin created field, just changing the field name. This is all in one module. Any help appreciated.
  7. Hi, Just wondering the invoice seems quite generic at the moment once printed, apart from changing the logo and adding notes, is there a possibility of editing it to add fixed contact, payment details? thanks. Regards, Oliver
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