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  1. There is an issue in version 3.7.4 which prevents certain records from being viewed when logged in as a non-admin user. It can be fixed by downloading the file attached to this post and uploading it to replace the file protected/modules/docs/models/Docs.php. Docs.php
  2. After update, the detail view of any user generated contact list gives a no response (no html). In the apache log, the following error is loged: [Wed Feb 12 08:00:04 2014] [error] [client XX.XX.XX.XX] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function hasAttribute() on a non-object in /XXXX/x2engine/protected/components/permissions/X2ControllerPermissionsBehavior.php on line 78, referer: http://XXX/index.php/contacts/lists After adding a null check in the line shown in the log, the problem appears as solved, the new line looks: if($model !==null && $model->hasAttribute('createdBy')){
  3. Guest

    X2CRM 3.7.2 Released

    Greetings, all! In 3.7.1 (released yesterday), we worked on many bug fixes and refinements, including a few nice new touches such as more intuitive grid filters. 3.7.2 is a quick patch release to 3.7.1 that introduces a few small yet critical changes. Download Links: X2Community SourceForge GitHub (Repository Page) Vital information about 3.7.1: The role-based timeouts feature in this version has been found to cause user lock-outs on systems where MySQL won't allow null values for integer columns, and/or the PHP configuration/build does not permit loose comparison. To fix this problem: O
  4. Hi all, I need some help. I performed the update to 3.5.6 and tells me proc_open function or mysqldump not exist in my system. The reality is that they do exist and work perfectly in other applications that I have. I performed all the steps, I modified the updater, etc.etc. Moreover the system was shipped from a bug report, since I went ahead with installing the update and modify the system so I do not see my contacts, accounts or anything other than the admin menu. Thank you very much for what they can help me.
  5. Guest

    X2CRM 3.5.6 Point Release

    Greetings all, This release is primarily bugfixes. The only new feature is the command line updater. NOTE: A bug has been uncovered in the self-update process in version 3.5.5 (wherein the updater downloads the latest version of itself, so that it can run properly). This bug affects you if you get a "failed to copy from tmp" error when you go to the updater page. If you encounter this, the issue can be circumvented as follows: Upload the latest version of UpdaterBehavior.php (open/hit Ctrl-S or right-click and select "save as") to the directory protected/components inside of X2CRM, and ove
  6. If you're having this problem -- where all new call logs, comments, actions, and calendar events go through as blank after updating -- never fear. It is a very easy problem to fix. Log in as an administrative user Go to "Admin" Go to "Manage Roles" Click "Edit Roles" One by one, select the roles you have created for your system's users, and for each of them: Add "Actions - Description" to both the "Edit Permissions" and "View Permissions" Click Save.FYI, using this same interface, you can fine-tune who can see what data throughout the software.
  7. Guest

    X2CRM 3.5.5 Released

    In this release we've finally fit in some long-overdue changes in addition to our usual round of bug fixes. There is the ability to mass-update records using checkboxes, and the updater is now far faster and can be used offline! Download links: X2Community GitHub SourceForge Changes in 3.5.5Improvements to grid views:The ability to use shift+click to select ranges of recordsMass tagging, field updates, record reassignments and mass deletion of selected recordsFaster, more robust X2CRM updater with the ability to perform offline updatesAdministrative flash message UIChanges in Professional E
  8. There is an issue that affects some servers* that is preventing software updates from working properly. It can be fixed by downloading the file attached to this post and uploading it to replace the file protected/components/UpdaterBehavior.php UpdaterBehavior.php * On affected servers, the php function http_build_query is unusually configured to use "&" as its query parameter separator, rather than "&". The patch is a work-around for this scenario.
  9. Hey all! First post for me. Thank you very much for providing such a powerfull resource! We just updated to 3.3 from 3.2, and now, when you click to change the date of an activity, (Update Activity > Due Date) the calendar does not pop up. That is a big deal for us, because we use it to change when to follow up with a prospect all the time. It wasn't that way in 3.2, is there any way to fix it? -ralejeal
  10. just received an update from 2.9 to 3.0 and after the updated I am unable to send email. I have x2 hosted on godaddy. I did notice the file permissions had changed so I changed them back to numeric value 777 (read, write,execute). When I chose the template to use the screen the template is not displayed in the body and the compose email screen goes away.
  11. We had several entries in the Opportunities module starting from version 2.7.2. After upgrading to version 2.8, every time we try and edit a field on one of the Opportunities records, it will disappear. For example, on one Opportunity, we previously had a "Quote Amount" of $29.00 and "Probability" of 80. We tried updating those numbers, then click on save, and then it would disappear and retain no data. We tried editing this same record with multiple user accounts, including the admin user. Same problem. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Your help is appreciated!
  12. hi, i am running 1.5 when i try to update, as soon as i click on admin button i get a php error. can anyone assist ? PHP warning is_dir() [<a href='function.is-dir'>function.is-dir</a>]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/) is not within the allowed path(s): (/var/www/vhosts/crm.saleprintfx.co.uk/httpdocs:/tmp) /var/www/vhosts/crm.saleprintfx.co.uk/httpdocs/protected/controllers/AdminController.php(2091) 2079 } 2080 2081 function ccopy($filepath, $file) { 2082 2083 $pieces = explode('/', $file); 2084 unset($pieces[count($pieces)]); 2085
  13. Hello, i tried to update and i have this error Notice: Undefined variable: buildDate in G:\PortableApps\wamp\www\x2engine\protected\config\main.php on line 200 X2Contacts Version 1.5 Module the Bug is Located In (Contacts, Actions, etc.) Update Copy/Paste of the PHP Error (if there is one) Notice: Undefined variable: buildDate in G:\PortableApps\wamp\www\x2engine\protected\config\main.php on line 200 HTML Error Code (if there is one) A Brief Description of what you were doing when the bug occurred (bonus points if the bug is reproducible A list of f
  14. Guest

    v1.1.0 Released!

    We're back with a new release of X2CRM! In version 1.1.0 we've fixed a TON of bugs (as always, many many thanks to all the great people providing feedback and bug complaints on the forums). We also have some enhancements, including a calendar module a much improved workflow designer. X2CRM 1.1.0 Changelog: Downloads GitHub Google Code Sourceforge X2Community
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