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  1. Hi, I am new to X2CRM ,I am trying to get the data from Internet using the Web form utility .Therefore,I created a Web form generated it's HTML code and then pasted that code into web page . The time, I remain log in X2crm. The web form works fine ,but the moment I Log off from X2 .The page embedded with HTML form code is showing me the CRM Admin Login Screen . I mean this is astonishing that, How can I remain Login forever to keep fetching data Online . Need help,Please??? Regards
  2. 1 As the title, do it is possible? And how to do it? Because after import the record, merge record by manual cost too much time and automatic merge sometimes lost data. 2 Also use email ID to identify unique record is better idea. For example, if there is two clients named , Aron Smith and Aron Smith Golden, the system will indicate duplicate record, but use email ID don't have this issue.
  3. Hello I am on final stages of installing X2 and I need help getting rid of this error: "The path defined in session.save_path () is not writable". I am running it on dedicated linux server with php7.1. Thanks,
  4. Hi there, I've configured Google Maps, Calendar and Mail with X2CRM. Everything works fine as long as my GMail is set to accept "less secure apps." The app otherwise returns IMAP authentication errors. Another user on this forum referred to this setting to resolve email configs. I'm looking to confirm whether this setting is still required to integrate X2CRM and GMail. If it matters, my app is using a shared SSL certificate. Thanks, PHNX
  5. We have a shared email address (info@yyy.com) that we want available for reading/responding/processing to multiple CRM users. Emails send to this address should be automatically logged to the account(s) associated with the contact email address. Is this possible with X2CRM? If so, how do we configure this? Thanks!
  6. I need help with x2Packager. I recorded a screencast video, which explains the bulk of the problem... It's short, please watch it. https://youtu.be/t3ilT0AYIBU I want to know: * How to use x2Packager * Did I export and import correctly? * Do I need to export, unzip, rezip, and import again? If anyone is able to provide a step-by-step file or video?
  7. Google offers a tool to check web sites for speed optimization and chances are more than good that the page speed, both measured and as a ranking optimizations not completed, will affect search engine ranking performance. Enabling the X2CRM web tracker puts an uncompressed and un-minified script on every page. PageSpeed Insights ranks both of these as "Should Fix" problems.
  8. Greetings I want to track users by image from a website. Guess similar to the tracking pixel in emails, but by a picture (1x1 or custom) from a website. Is that possible? Regards!
  9. Hi, Some of the modules (Reports & Charts) are only visible to the admin user and nobody else? Is that by design, or can these be enabled somewhere for other user groups as well? Thanks. Werner
  10. Hi Raymond, I've spent a little while trying to work out why my email signatures weren't working, until I figured out there's a global setting in Email Setup, which I was overlooking due to the way it's displayed, and a lack of documentation (once found it's self evident). The setting for email signatures is grouped below the Bulk Email Settings, which is a little confusing, since it's more of a global setting. I was thinking it was part of the bulk email settings (email broadcasts) rather than global behaviour and overlooking it as a result. This was an oversight on my part. May I sug
  11. Hi, When working with the Workflow tools in the Admin section, there is an option to import workflows that have been created and export from X2Workflow Design Studio. How/where can one get access to this Design Studio, as there is no link to it from the Admin interface? Alternatively, how would one export a workflow that was created directly inside of X2? There are import links but no export links? Werner
  12. Hello, I have a problem with opportunity module. When I view an opportunity record and I try to create a quote, a blank form appears without the "New Quote" button (see the image) regards, paolo
  13. I'm looking to enable the Google Maps widget. Per instructions here, my "main.php" file already appears to enable maps under the "registeredWidgets" array ('GoogleMaps'). Whether in List or Journal views or on the dashboard page, no page seems to have an option to display Google Maps though (I believe) I've created necessary API access. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, PHNX
  14. The application show me: It looks like the application ran into an unexpected error. We apologize for the inconvenience and would like to do our best to fix this issue. If you would like to make a post on our forums we can actively interact with you in getting this resolved. If not, simply sending the error report helps us immensely and will only improve the quality of the software. Thanks! Send Error ReportHere's a quick list of what will be included in the report: Error Code: 500 Error Message: CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL statement: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation
  15. I installed the current version and there is a problem with widgets in all modules. For example (see image1) when you view a contact record (the same problem with account etc..) there are no widget (actions, calls, comments etc..) as in the demo live site(see image2). Also in the menu "hidden widget" to the top of the page there are no widget to select thank you paolo
  16. Environment: Ubuntun 16.04, mysql 5.7, php 7.0, Nginx, X2crm 6.5.2 I enter Email module, click some email folder in my email account. It don't work any more when i click any email folder. After checked nginx log and php7.0-fpm log, I add server block like this: fastcgi_connect_timeout 300; fastcgi_read_timeout 600; fastcgi_send_timeout 600; proxy_buffer_size 64k; proxy_buffers 8 256k; proxy_busy_buffers_size 256k; But still got 50
  17. Would like to use SQL instead of using MySQL for X2CRM, is this supported? Anyone has experience changing MySQL to SQL?
  18. Hi, After many hours trying to integrate X2CRM and Mailchimp, I finally found something that may be usefull. It sends every contact to a Mailchimp list. Follow this steps: 1. Ceate a Workflow with the trigger "Record created" to contacts. 2. Add the action "Remote API Call" to the flow. 3. Fill the fields like this: URL: https://[your-mailchimp-server].api.mailchimp.com/3.0/lists/[your-list-id]/members Method: POST Use JSON payload? Checked JSON: { "email_address": "{email}", "status": "subscribed", "merge_fields": { "FNAME": "{firstName}", "LNAME": "{
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  20. Hi, Im using X2CRM 6.5.2. The Remote API Call is replacing {email} tag with HTML tag "<a href...". I think its a big problem in most of situations. So I have made a workaround. I edited the file protected/components/x2flow/actions/X2FlowApiCall.php and added this at 210 line: $data = strip_tags(htmlspecialchars_decode($data)); I hope it helps. Thanks.
  21. Hello everyone, I have question about Calendar module in X2CRM 6.5. In the previous version of the X2CRM (more precisely 6.0.4) I could add multiple users to the event that I created - now I don't see such a possibility... I know that I can create group of users, whose content see only those selected users but I can save it only on one calendar at a time. Is there any solution to save event simultaneously on several users calendars? I will be grateful for any help Best regards.
  22. Good morning folks, I would like to link data between two different modules. The first module is Contacts and the second module is a custom module. I know I would have to have a unique identifier to link the data points together. I would like to take data from the custom module and link it to the contacts module. Is this possible? In some basic way this is being done between accounts and contact. Here is my example. Contactsmodule.uniqueidentifer = custommodule.uniqueidentifier Then I want to bring into contacts module say the account balance from the custom module using the relation
  23. We are a small business with eleven employees. We add on a new employee at the rate of one every five years or so. Net of additions and losses, we add on new clients at the right of two or three annually. I would expect a lot more of our users will be viewing data rather than creating or updating. I would be surprised if we approached anywhere near writing to the system at 25% of the time. For hardware, I was thinking of getting an i7 Intel PC, throw in a lot of RAM, and RAID 1 one configuration of SSD. It would be running Windows 7 Pro, and it will be backed up. Given our size and usage,
  24. I'm trying to use the e-mail opened trigger in an X2 Flow and when I select Email Opened as the condition to try to specify which e-mail (I'm assuming by subject would be an option), there are no choices available in the dropdown. See screenshot.
  25. Using IMAP slows things down a bit (seriously, I'm dying for you to implement local caching like SuiteCRM, but otherwise a bang up job, love ya)... so, why not add unread/read counts to the e-mail inbox tabs to save unnecessary switching. Cheers
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