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  1. Is there a way to schedule / automate a daily import of data into X2? Thanks, John
  2. I have successfully imported via CSV file into the contact module new contacts. When I go back to the contact module, the new contacts do not appear. I do notice in the activity feed the contacts and click on the contact there. Then edit the recently imported contact and save. Then it shows correctly in the module. In thoughts about how to fix? Thanks, John
  3. Hi, I am using version 6.5 open source... now i want to upload my logo into footer .. is that any possible to upload?
  4. Hi I am using the community version, 6.5.2 I went to More / Process I created a process I added an account and contact I created an opportunity for the account I used the process for the opportunity I completed the first few stages I went to More / Process Clicked on the name of the process Both funnel and outline show 0 deals How do I see the overall progress of all processes for all opportunities? Thanks Brendon
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Hallo Zusammen, ich habe mit heute das x2crm in der Version 6.5.2 installiert und eine "Testfirma" als Kontakt angelegt. Wenn ich nun die Testfirma aufrufen möchte, in dem ich wie folgt vorgehe: - Einloggen - Firmen "klick" - Testfirma "klick" dann kommt nur Error 500 Leider habe ich keine mir die Firma aufzurufen und somit zu arbeiten. Ist es ein Rechtsproblem oder woran kann es liegen? Und noch die Stapelüberwachung Was mache ich falsch bzw. wie kann ich das Problem lösen? Danke Euch!
  7. Hi, I'm a platinum customer. I want to send an email marketing campaign and after 3 days resend it again (with a different subjet line) but only to those that didn't open the first email. This is a really basic feature of every email marketing service out there (not even marketing automation) But I'm not able to express this using X2 Flow I know open data is saved as an action on a record, but I can't access that information from x2 flow to create this flow. How can I do it? Would love to get a response from the X2 staff
  8. I have merged two records (contacts) and have the following code appeared on screen: Array( [fingerprintId] => Array ( [0] => Fingerprint ID "2" has already been taken. ) ) Anyone any ideas of how best to progress? Nick
  9. Hi All, I have a couple of questions on permissions: Unless I provide complete Admin access to a user role, there is currently no way we can allow an individual to create the following in their own instance: --Processes (create new) --X2Workflow (create new) This becomes an issue when we want to scale and provide the ability of individual users to have access to Processes and X2Workflows. I just want to give a permission to make an individual user the ability to create and manage both Processes and X2Workflows without giving them full access rights to X2 Admin.could you please provide me
  10. Hi, I created a custom module called "vehicle" and i am adding tags to the vehicles depending of the result of a call. I want to add the vehicles with the same tag to a list but it doesnt work. Is the "add to list" workflow action only working with the contact module? or How can I work with this in a custom module? Thank You.
  11. Hi, When I select some contacts in the contact Menu (1 or 100), and press 'Export Contacts', I get a wonderful error 500 page : It looks like the application ran into an unexpected error. We apologize for the inconvenience and would like to do our best to fix this issue. If you would like to make a post on our forums we can actively interact with you in getting this resolved. If not, simply sending the error report helps us immensely and will only improve the quality of the software. Thanks! Send Error ReportHere's a quick list of what will be included in the report: Error Code: 500 Err
  12. Hi I have created a default user/group that cannot view/edit the quote module and or quotes. When logged in I can confirm this user cannot view the quotes module and access quotes accept under the below scenario. If a quote has a relationship with a record under a different module which invariably it does and which you would expect. The user can access on the left hand side menu a 'quotes/invoice' link. When clicked the quote is shown in full in a inline box below the record! Although if you click the view and edit links within the quote box it comes up with an unauthorised e
  13. As the title indicated, I upload an image 300*300 for contact avatar. But the system just display half of it. It should be 140*140, am I right? But is display 140*70(height). That is wired. I don't get any error in Chrome, and already disabled all chrome extension. Env:debian 8.7, php5.6 mysql 5.5, small gear 512M RAM. How can I fixed it?
  14. Hi, A very minor request I'm not sure if it's available already. The Process widget permits admin to select start and end color choices. It would be great if it also allowed text color choices. Thanks, PHNX
  15. Hi, Not sure whether this should be a bug report or something else. The below malfunctions may just be a javascripting problem on my instance so I'm listing them in one question. I've tested on a couple browsers with same experience. A few days ago some of my instance's features became unresponsive unless I refresh the page or they're just altogether unresponsive. 1) In my Contacts and other customized modules, the columns dropdown menu selector does not autohide, even after toggling it or clicking away. Only clicking the "Clear Filters" button or refreshing the page hides the dropdow
  16. Sorry for the request, but I'm unable to configure my x2crm test environmet to automatically create a case from an email account. I configure the shared inbox that work perfectly. I configure the Manage Passwords for Third-Party Applications, I setting it as default service Case email account and bulk email account. But starting the /opt/bitnami/apps/x2engine/htdocs/protected/yiic logEmail I cant see the case created. How can I do it? Thanks in advance davide
  17. Hello, Very new to X2CRM. How do you move an event from one calendar to another? Using the UI, not the API. Thanks!
  18. Hi, I'm Facing issue in uploading logo both in Top Menu bar as well the Login screen. i don't know where it got messed up. could someone please help me on this.
  19. Good day all. I've just begun to use X2CRM and am enjoying its flexibility and robustness. Do any of you use it for multiple companies or projects? The scenario is as follows. I have multiple projects/companies that I operate simultaneously. There are overlapping team members, and some distinct to each project. I would like to use one instance of x2crm for all my CRM needs across all entities, especially as I need to see the whole picture. How would you recommend tackling the organization aspect of this? I've contemplated just tagging contacts with pre-set project titles, but then every
  20. When i select the french langage in preferences of the user and i create a new event, this event is not visible in the calendar. Only the events created in english langage are visibles. Si je saisis un évènement alors que j'ai choisi le langage français dans préférences de l'utilisateur, cet évènement n'est pas visible dans le calendrier. Seuls les évènements saisis avec le paramètre "langue anglaise" sélectionné sont visibles. Have you an idea fo fix ? (Sorry for bad title i can't modify. It coul be : Event created in english is visible, not in french. )
  21. Hi, I have set the CRM up for a company I am consulting for as an Internet Marketing Consultant and it is ready to go live. http://crm.theskywatergroup.com. I have looked into it's uses and was wondering about several other features I'm looking for. I use several bulk email applications such as AcyMailing and Sendy using Amazon SES. However, it is inconvenient to continually export lists out of the CRM to one of these programs and keep duplicate lists there. 1 - Does the X2CRM have the ability to use Amazon SES services? 2 - Does X2CRM provide for email drip campaigns - lead com
  22. Hi Everyone, We' re using X2CRM at my company and recently all of the users except Admins started to get "Error 403 You are not authorized to see this application" right after login. I've checked out user rights but everything looks fine. What might cause this? Thanks for all the help.
  23. Hi, I've been trying to determine whether X2CRM supports calculated fields. It appears it does since the "Probability" field in one module is used for certain calculations. Is there a way to create a calculated field and add it to a form and / or to a report? Thanks, PHNX
  24. I'm using X2CRM today to do email campaigns and face the issue of needing to email ONLY the persons who has not opened the email. Is there a way to do this? This is really needed as the campaign is for invoices. Or is there a way to export the list of users who has opened it and then creating a new list?
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