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  1. Hi Team We are using X2 CRM 5.5 Platinum Edition, and in this we are configured email drop box and its working fine as well. But now we are facing some issues in it, for some X2 users getting multiple cron emails (this cron is set for email dropbox as suggested from X2 team) in their registered email id. We found some of these users where initially configured Email dropbox and deleted later. But all these kind of users not getting the cron emails. Email subject - Cron <tiedeman@m155> /usr/local/bin/php53 /home/tiedeman/public_html/X2Engine/x2engine/protected/yiic logEmail &&
  2. Hi Raymond, Outbound emails sent from X2 are getting displayed twice. We have executed the query and the result is attached. Please have look into it and kindly help us to solve this issue. Regards, Bizessence
  3. Hi Team, We have a problem with Auto Log Email function. The functionality works properly, but on the Log, the same activity is displayed twice. For example: If we send an email to a Contact; the same email content is displayed twice in the log section but a difference of few seconds in the time stamp. Refer attached screenshot. Kindly assist. Regards, Bizessence
  4. Hi X2 support team, We have been trying to get this issue fixed for past few days. So would appreciate a quick and appropriate response to this issue. Else I am afraid I will have to switch to a better CRM with a better support. Regards, Bizessence
  5. Thanks for your replay. As you suggested , we have checked the path 'constant.php' in the yiic.php file. But we couldn't find any issue with the path. Then we tried to execute the command ( /home/tiedeman/public_html/X2Engine/x2engine/protected/yiic ) as a user then got an error which is given below. PHP Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '' (include_path='.:/usr/local/php52/pear') in /home/tiedeman/public_html/X2Engine/x2engine/protected/yiic.php on line 2 The real path of our pear is “/usr/local/bin/pear”. So how can we replace the path of pear in x2crm.We tried t
  6. Thanks for the reply Just to explain further on the requirement, we have few type of users: 1. Those who can access all records (No create) 2. Those who can access all records + create 3. Those who can access records assigned to them only (No create) 4. Those who can access records assigned to them + create --> These users should be able to view the records assigned to them + records created by them even if it is assigned to someone else Could you please advise how can I achieve the above options. Regards, Bizessence
  7. Hi, As you suggested we have checked the cronjob in our server. But the command returns some fatal error which is given below. Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '' (include_path='.:/usr/local/php52/pear') in /home/tiedeman/public_html/X2Engine/x2engine/protected/yiic.php on line 2 The real path of our pear is “/usr/local/bin/pear” . So how can we replace the path of pear in x2crm to solve this issue.
  8. Hi Team We are using X2 Version 5.4.3 and have identified an bug with the 'Auto-log inbound emails' in Email Configuration. We hope Auto-log inbound emails help us to log emails automatically to the respective Contacts, so that each user can monitor email communication related to that contact. But it seems this feature is not working as expected. We are not able to see the email communication in Contacts log unless we log each email individually. So please let us know how can we achieve this 'Auto-log inbound emails' feature asap. Regards, Bizessence
  9. Hi Derek We have kept only one default role named "User" and removed all other roles found by default in X2 installation. This user role "User" is assigned to only those users who has admin privileges and we ensure that user who assigned the custom user role not assigned default user role. This User Role Permissions feature is the main reason for purchasing this version. So please help us to solve this issue asap.
  10. Hi Team, We are using X2 Version 5.4.3 and have identified an bug with the Role permissions. We created a role and provided them limited permissions i.e. Only Assigned in all View, Create, Update, Delete. But we note that an user with such role can still view all records irrespective of if he has permission or not. Please advise how to get this resolved. Regards, Bizessence
  11. Hi Team, Could you please advise if we can integrate X2 CRM to Whatsapp. The idea is to sync contacts. Our current version: 5.4.3 X2CRM Platinum Edition. Regards Bizessence
  12. Hi Team, By when is the new version expected to get released. Regarding the patch, are you sure this is will resolve the issue. Also we are speculative if the patch would affect other modules or functionality. Please advise so that we can come up to a conclusion. Regards, Bizessence
  13. Hi Team We have purchased X2CRM 5.4.3 Platinum Edition and earlier we had open source version. In opens source version we had the option to increase or reduce each text field size [width by dragging] in Form Editor but its not available in Platinum Version, so please advice us to how can we manage the text field size in 5.4.3 Platinum Edition. Thanks Bizessence
  14. Hi Team Earlier we have used X2 open source version in this same server and we have checked upload in open source version and its works fine in now itself, So we don't think its issue with the server and hope its with new version. Please help us to solve this asap.
  15. Hi Team We are using X2CRM 5.4.3 Platinum Edition, and as per your product feature list you agree to add attachments against Contact/Account. But we are not able add attachment against accounts/contacts in X2 , please check the screen shot given below. Attachment feature working fine in X2 open source version . So please give us solution for the same ASAP.
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