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  1. Hi Derek, Please keep in mind while fixing this bug in upcoming version that on selecting tool from column selector the view/update/delete buttons also directs to profile page instead of the relevant pages. This happens for all summary widgets (both x2 built in and custom modules). Regards,
  2. Hi jlbandeira, I think its x2 bug, and to fix this you need to customize the code.I have fixed it changing a line of code hereLine # 118 protected\components\sortableWidget\profileWidgets\TemplatesGridViewProfileWidget.php Replace 'value'=>'CHtml::link($data->name,array("view","id"=>$data->id))',to'value'=>'$data->link', Regards
  3. Also when i tried to update 5.0.2 to 4.0.5 its again missing ProfileDashboard.php
  4. Hi, I am on x2 platinum edition and still getting the error.
  5. Hi, I am using platinum edition on windows OS and still getting the error, even i have tried with downloaded ProfileDashboard.php but its still producing warnings. Any Help? Regards,
  6. Hi al3x2 Did you get any solution? would you like to share please? Regards,
  7. Hi, I have created multiple document templates, now i like to send these templates as an attachment, Is there any way to attached document templates created within the app to an email? Regards,
  8. Hi, I'm trying to remove index.php from x2engine URL via .htaccess, but its not working. Could someone please guide me in this regard. Regards
  9. Hi, When i create a lookup field as not required, its allowing me to enter random text regardless of records exists or not.. though when i create same field as required its certainly checks whether the enter text is an existing record or not. should it not be restricted for an existing record when the lookup field is not required too?? Regards,
  10. Hi Derek, An other question regarding relationship widget, when i gonna add records through relationship the lookup fields in inline form not working, I mean the lookup filed is missing "+" sign and also auto filled action is not working, could you please help? Regards
  11. Thank you Derek, Yes indeed i am thinking similar to relationship widget however i want to separate grids by types i.e separate grid for different relationship types. Is it possible? Regards,
  12. Hi, I have installed fresh x2 5.0.4 instance and its producing an error 'ProfileDashboard and its behaviors do not have a method or closure named "getColumnWidths"', please verify whether its a bug or i am doing some mistake while fresh installation. Regards,
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