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  1. That works great thanks. I didnt realise I can use a users thats not an admin. But seems to work just fine. Thanks
  2. Hi guys, might be a weird request. But is there a way to send selected fields via a GET request. Not all fields and data on a record? My app and systems works great but the API GET request sends obviously all fields and data in the JSON response. But is there a command variable, espesially using the Direct URI to simply pass through certain fields? Thanks
  3. @jack can this also be one of the reasons?. I found this forum post that sounds like it is related.
  4. Thanks Jack. I will give it a try. I am sure this must be an issue for other users also? I haven't searched the forum specifically.
  5. Thanks Jack. My concern is more why is it different from the Docs module to the editor used in the Campaign. Its actually been doing this since I used X2. I always have to open my HTML email in the campaign editor to make sure it works. Then I go back and scale down the styling and code in the Docs module. In the campaign editor you cant really have anything other than the most simplistic HTML. I always thought its to make the email more readable over the various browsers. Should it not be the same? Its really horrible because one takes time developing your emails. then run the campa
  6. Something I have seen for years with X2 that doesn't make sense! I go to a lot of trouble designing my responsive emails in Docs module as templates. I don't use any complex HTML and keep it super simple. I mainly do text based campaigns but need some basic styling with tabled, colors etc. When I then use these templates in a Campaign, the campaign rich text editor then deletes most of the code and ends up sending this vanilla email that doesn't look at all like what I designed. Why is this? Why is the rich text editor in Docs somehow different from the editor in Campaign?
  7. Hi guys, I might be to quick but I see the upgrade to 8.3. Fantastic news and long awaited. Thanks so much for the opensource upgrade. Is there a changelog to show the changes made between 8.0 and 8.3? Thanks
  8. Not sure if this was solved. But what I did for this is create a lookup field between the modules to create the relationship. Then using a workflow I 'pull' the info I want from the one module and populate the fields from the other module with that info based on a record create or record update action. Note: As the receiving module does not have the source info and only displays what it receives from the source module, it would be an integrity issue to allow changes made to the receiving module fields as it wont obviously update backwards to the source module. For this I simply lock
  9. Have you turned on the log in Gravity to see where it creates a problem. BTW what is the problem. Is it not pushing through to X2 any data?
  10. Hi Alt+F4, I havent tested and I havent seen anything broken. But will have a look.
  11. SOLVED! Hi Jack, I found the problem. I am trying to create a module called Events. Not realizing X2 has its own Events module already, creating the bug as its trying to remove the existing one. Thats also why it happened in my tests in other X2 instances I have. I tested using Events. Sorry guys, my bad. I should have looked at the existing modules in the DB first.
  12. Hi Jack, I hear you but the ID field as example isn't a visible field to be chosen in any form default. Yet it is available as a column option in gridview. Some of the fields not available also doesn't show in the form default views on the right as options to select and ad on. Thanks
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