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  1. hai., Tried to invite a new user using Invite Users option. they get the email, but the link in the email asks them to login instead of taking them to a registration form. How to fix it? Thanks Selvamanain
  2. Hai Raymond. How to create more than one table in the module ? Thanks Selvamanian
  3. Hai How to change table field name in x2 engine.? Thanks Selvamanian
  4. hai., How to create Custom table in x2 database? Thanks Selvamanian
  5. Hai., I want to add some option in email inbox module without modifying core code in x2 engine. i have attached screen shot. please find the attachment. Shall we do it? Thanks with Regards. Selvamanian
  6. Hai Raymond, Now am using X2Engine 5.0.4 Platinum Edition version., i have attached screenshot. please find the attachment.
  7. Hai I can't config my Gmail account in email inbox module.But I can config my rackspace mail account. How to config Gmail account in email inbox module? Please explain it. Thanks Selvamanain
  8. Hai Rene., Sorry for the inconvenience. I have changed Accounts Module name (Companies instead of Accounts). But Accounts modules name is only displaying. i want to display Companies. Thanks Selvamanian
  9. Hai., I have rename Accounts module. But it displayed only Accounts.I want to display, i was changed. How to fix it? Thanks Selvamanian
  10. hai worried can you send this file? x2engine\protected\components\views\profileDashboard.php Thanks selvamanaian
  11. hai Alex., Now i got this error. Error Message: ProfileDashboard and its behaviors do not have a method or closure named "getChartingWidgetDropdown". how to fix it? Thanks Selvamanian
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