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  1. Ok. I changed from a Redirect to a Rewrite in my .htaccess, which gets rid of the problem. For the benefit of anyone else who may need this in future, the Rewrite rule that I used is as follows: RewriteRule ^index.php/api/click(.*)$ http://my.x2crm.domain/index.php/marketing/click$1 [R=301,L] Things seem to be working for now.
  2. I seem to have lost the web activity tracking now. I don't seen any anonymous tracking since I made the change above. Also, I see the following error in the console http://crm.exaget.com/index.php/marketing/webListener?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.…nvasFingerprint=1711734977&localStorage=1&sessionStorage=1&fonts=801876595Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) Pasting the URL in my browser gives me : Error 404 The system is unable to find the requested action "webListener". You have made an invalid request, please do not repeat this.
  3. Is it /marketing/marketing or just one marketing ? At least the url that works has only one marketing in it. Also, I am currently redirecting all /api to /marketing, which works for those links and I'll have to leave that on for a few days. Are there any other functions that may be affected because of that ? Shankar
  4. Hi, I just sent out a marketing campaign - while there were a number of opens reported, not a single click was reported. In investigating, I looked at an email that was returned as undeliverable for the tracking links. Clicking on the links in that email gave me a 404 Error with the message : Error 404The system is unable to find the requested action "click". You have made an invalid request, please do not repeat this. It appears the link in the email was going to /index.php/api ... http://crm.exaget.com/index.php/api/click?uid=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&type=click&url=http%3A%2F%2F
  5. I created a new installation last week so it was not before the checkbox was created. However, since I was moving from another installation, I did import data from the older installation and may have imported FormLayout records from the older installation.
  6. Ok. Solved it. I had to go to the Form Editor and add it manually to the Campaign form. Shankar
  7. Managed to solve it. Had to use the Form Editor to add this field back into the Campaigns form. Not sure why it was not there by default. Shankar
  8. Hi, I don't have the Enable redirect link option. Attached is a screenshot of the new campaign creation screen. I am logged in as admin. Shankar
  9. HI, How do I set "Enable Redirect Links?" on ? I have been unable to find that setting anywhere. Shankar
  10. On selecting the Email Tab, I have the following problems. 1. Browser console gives an error jquery.history.js?1470952647:1 Uncaught Error: History.js Adapter has already been loaded... (anonymous function) @ jquery.history.js?1470952647:1 (anonymous function) @ jquery.history.js?1470952647:1 dropzone.js?1470952647:422 Uncaught Error: Dropzone already attached. Dropzone @ dropzone.js?1470952647:422 x2.FileUploader.FileUploader.setUpDropzone @ FileUploader.js?1470952647:117 x2.FileUploader.FileUploader.init @ FileUploader.js?1470952647:101 FileUploader @ FileUploader.js?1470952647:88 (anonymo
  11. Hi, I am still having this problem. 1. The issue only occurs when logged in as an user, not as admin 2. I have a problem only in the Email page (so far) 3. Attached is a screenshot of the error in the browser console Appreciate your help. Shankar
  12. Hi Raymond, I added ModPagespeed Off to the virtual host config and got the following error : == Invalid command 'ModPagespeed', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration === I checked and foung that mod-pagespeed is not installed on this server. So, that is not the reason for this error. Any other suggestions ? Shankar
  13. I moved my installation to a new server and seem to be having a similar problem again. Once I go the email section I get the following errors. I thought I would turn pagespeed off, but the .htaccess file has a message "This configuration has been moved to the application config file for performance and security reasons" Where do I find the application config file to turn off Pagespeed ? I'd prefer not to do it in the Apache config file as there are other applications on the same server that should continue using PageSpeed. Shankar jquery.history.js?1468445092:1 Uncaught Error:
  14. Thanks, Raymond. That worked. Though the folder was slightly different from what you mentioned - it was protected/modules/emailInboxes/models And the Reply functionality is looking good too.
  15. I disabled PageSpeed using the Apache config file. You are right, there is an error at the end of the page and it is the Quota issue. The message "cannot retrieve quota information" comes up duirng page loafing also. How do I resolve this ? And I had forgotten, this user's email provider is a different one (ifdnrg.com) but I still believe it was working well. Always had a problem replying to an email (did not pick up senders address or subject line and did not save the sent mail - so wasn't sure if it was actually sent) but was able to read the emails which it cannot now. ===Stack trace
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