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  1. I just tried this on dev, I got "Error Code: 1217. Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails"... which means I'd have to remove some foreign keys... I don't know how yii works and it may need those... Did you have to do this Alberto?
  2. Have you had any issues since you've done this? I have the same issue with `select count(*) from x2_trigger_logs`.
  3. We don't use volumes. If we used x2's media entity (used to store files), we probably would have a volume just to store the media. We just store our media elsewhere and don't upload to x2. The entire x2 codebase is in the container. Everytime we deploy code, our container is rebuilt and deployed. We can delete the container and recreate it and it works just fine. We are on 6.5.2 at the moment (we like to lag behind because x2 does funky things sometime, like removing process flows in 6.9). Our update process is still our old way of doing it before x2 had a git repo on github. We
  4. Its good to see others using docker. We've been running x2 on docker for about 3 years now. Updates can be interesting, but otherwise works great.
  5. After looking at some code.. (this: https://github.com/X2Engine/X2CRM/blob/6.6/x2engine/protected/components/x2flow/triggers/BaseWorkflowStageTrigger.php#L51) it looks like "any" is supposed to be "" (ie... blank). When I look at the html of the "any" option in the flow, it looks like this: <div class="cell x2fields-value"> <select name="value"> <option value="any">Any</option> <option value="1">one</option> <option value="2">two</option> </select> </div> When I mess with the html in chrome inspector
  6. I found a bug. I even tested it on x2crm's demo server v6.5.2. Description: A trigger of Process stages started does not work the stage of "any" for stages created (no default). How to reproduce (these can be seen in this video as well: https://goo.gl/yQsRSu): create a new process called "test" with 3 stages and make is so they require all previous create a new flow, trigger based on "process stage started" set trigger condition to be the new stage called "test" with a stage of "any", record type of opportunity open an opportunity start a stage on the "test" process view trigger logs.
  7. Sorry, I didn't explain very well. What I was saying was that x2 flows won't trigger, if the action was done by a flow. This is to prevent looping. This is the way its been since 4.x I believe. Unless something has changed in 6.9 (I've not updated yet as I saw all the issues popup). Example: I just tested this. I created a flow#1 that adds a tag. I have another flow (flow#2) that triggers when that tag is added. flow#2 works if I add the tag manually, but not if the tag is added via flow #1, flow#2 will not trigger. My way around this has been as follows (we do it this way unt
  8. I didn't think flows can trigger flows. Is there a way for flows to trigger other flows?
  9. I really don't know. It was a couple years ago. If I was going to do it again, I would have done it differently. Probably just created a plugin that syncs lists to a 3rd party email marketing platform like Activecampaign.
  10. We are using it, but have stopped development on it and probably won't release it. It now has some customizations specific to us, and we don't test it on new installs.
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  14. This is a good feature request. Our sorta work around is that we set some best practices for our companies creation of flows: Always put a splitter at the beginning of the flow (first step) even if you don't use the bottom part.Always put a splitter before a conditional. THIS WILL HELP YOU ALL THE TIME. It always happens that we want to run something along side a conditional
  15. We do this pretty easily by just putting environment variables in our config files. You may say "but its a pain to set environment variables on the development side." That is why we use Dotenv https://github.com/vlucas/phpdotenv An example (this is on an older x2crm version 5.0.4, changes may need to be made for 6+): console.php config file: https://gist.github.com/that0n3guy/c1d92033fcd0f4ab16750e11347d90fc main.php config file: https://gist.github.com/that0n3guy/2de87bad3a3ce272704aee114eb4695c I tried to remove all our companies custom config stuff... but I left in the dotenv and rol
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