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  1. Hey Community, I got a problem with my x2engine installations on some computers. the follwing fields do not show up on some computers: The fields to choose "Comment", "Action", "Log Call" and "Log Time" these simply do not appear. and on those computers it is not possible to edit Actions or documents, because the actions is not beeing opend. My guess is, that some software is outdated or something. Since these Computers run Windows XP and some old Database Siftware I just don't want to update everything. So I thought to ask here if you have any idea. thanks!
  2. Hallo, wenn noch Interesse besteht kann ich es Dir in er TewamViewer sitzung erklären
  3. Hey Community, when I (User 1) create an Action and assign this to User 2 in the overview it states "User 2 created a new action" but that's simply not true. User 1 created it and than assigns it to User 2, that should be marked in the system. regards René1
  4. Can you recommend me other products? Since I started working with x2engine I realized that I as a startup can't afford the professional version and that I would need it to get the company started and to keep it running.
  5. I would like such a plugin. I would even extend it a little. A Customer could see all invoices and orders. btw. where is the Marketplace?
  6. I agree, I would like to have the email feature in the OS Version as well. At least the possibility to have any in and outgoing email for contacts in the system not a complete webmail.
  7. I agree, I would like to have the bookkeeping function in the opensource edition
  8. I know, I simply recreated it!
  9. Hey Tony, I'm just using the opensource edition. thanks anyway
  10. Hey Community, I would like to be able to insert multiple values into the dropdown editor at once. I have a list written in notepad like this: Airline 1 Airline 2 Airline 3 Airline 4 etc now even when those are not in alphabetical order x2engine should automatically reorder them after hitting a button "reorder alphabetically". regards René!
  11. Hey Community, by mistake I deledted all forms for the contact form. How can I restore them? thanks! René!
  12. Dear Community, maybe I just oversee the action, How can I assign a view to differnt groups or users? Let's say, want the User Group "Pickups" to be able to see certain contact lists and there contacts included. within those contacts I want these group only to see the ame, the picture attachement and some other predefined fields. regards René
  13. folders would be great for the media moule as well
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