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  1. Hey Derek, That's a good start. I went ahead and added a few things: Added ability to generate redirect tracking links for campaign emailsA new column in the marketing email grid to displays clicksRedirect tracking links will set off the "Campaign Email Clicked" X2Flow triggerAdd clicks to the Campaign's chart, along with sent, opens, and unsubscribes.Each click should create an Activity for a contact (which should show up in the Feed)
  2. I noticed this issue on Github that's a few months old, but hasn't been answered yet: https://github.com/X2Engine/X2Engine/issues/25 It's pointing out how the leadCapture.php script is from the old API. When can we expect one that we can use for the new API? Thanks!
  3. I tried to do an integration with Mandrill using Zapier, to record clicks as actions in X2. However, it didn't work because all I have with Mandrill is an email address of the person that clicked, and that's not enough to record an action (because I assume I need an association ID?) The click tracking coming in the next point release should solve this problem, but generally, I think email is the best way to match contacts from an external service. Is this possible yet?
  4. Can we get a response from the staff on this one? It seems to be a highly-desired feature and is, in my opinion, a highly-critical one. I'd like to know: 1. Do you plan to implement this soon? 2. If not, why? 3. If yes, have you figured out how it's going to work? Because I'm happy to help explain how I think it should work.
  5. I want to get this on everyone's radar again. I am now starting to do marketing campaigns on two X2 accounts for my clients. I convinced them to use X2 instead of Infusionsoft, but after realizing I can't track clicks, I'm close to confessing to them I made a mistake. A click is everything. On Infusionsoft, I use clicks to move people between sequences, from a normal nurture sequence to a more aggressive hot prospect sequence. On Infusionsoft, you choose the link behavior when you add the link to an email campaign. Generally, I would add a tag to the contact that clicked. This tag then trigg
  6. That's a great point. I didn't even think about X2flow, but that's absolutely crucial for evaluating how *effective* a particular email or flow is. In general, I would like to see X2 pay more attention to measuring conversion rates.
  7. I'm interested in the beta test as well. I have used Zapier quite a bit before. I'm even more intrigued now by trustserve's integration ideas.
  8. I agree that this is a very important feature to have. I would like to automate emails for my account reps, based on certain actions taken by their assigned contacts. Demitri, your proposed solution sounds like the best approach.
  9. Click tracking is really essential. I'm coming to X2CRM from Infusionsoft, and was very surprised that this feature isn't present. All the major email providers support it - Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Vertical Response, SendGrid, Mandrill, etc. In fact, I've never used an email service that didn't have it -- and I've never been warned that it increases the chance of a message going to spam. Now that I think of it - an email server would have to actually follow a link to know that it was redirecting. If this was a common practice, it would trigger all kinds of false positives for the clic
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