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  1. Is there any way to make a recurring calendar event? I have regular monthly visits to clients and I'd like 'pre-schedule' them with a recurring calendar event. I do not see a way but this is very common in most calendars.
  2. It would be great if after you convert a quote to an invoice, that the word INVOICE showed up in the Relationship window, under 'type', rather than QUOTE. Quotes are different from invoices and I find I may have 2 quotes open and 3 invoices for an account and they all say QUOTE. It would be nice to differentiate them for easy reference. Is that a quote? or an invoice? Hmmm...I have to open it and look - that wastes time.
  3. Hello. When I click on either the create web lead form or the create service cases web form - a page loads but the form 'preview' is just a grey block. No fields show. There are no tools showing to allow me to customize the form. The only settings I can manipulate are font, background and text color. No other options show. What am I doing wrong? This is hosted on AWS. Thanks! I looked in the documentation and it shows several editing items that I do not have on my page. Imaged attached.
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