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  1. Hi I've found the problem. I don't know why, but the dynamic variables names have been changed. I have changed from 'Contact.firstName' to 'Contacts.firstName' and it works for the german User. But when I now change the User to an english User there are the dynamic variables. 'Contacts.firstName' Perhaps someone has the same problem, this is a workaround for a german User It seems there are different variables for the english and german Users. Best regards, Wolfgang
  2. Hi, I've got Problems with printing an Invoice. My Version: 5.0.4 When I print an invoice with my admin user (english language), it work fine and all fields will be filled out. But when I do that with my normal user (german language), it doesn't work. There are only the variables of the template. {Contact.firstName} {Contact.lastName} {Contact.address} {Contact.zipcode} {Contact.city} {Contact.country} ... What can I do here? Also the there are failures in the german language or a mix with english. Can I help you with translating? How could I do that? I think this great produc
  3. Hi X2Alex, I've checked the problem and I also haven't that file (ProfileDashboard.php). Best regards, Wolfgang
  4. Hi, I've done an update to the newest version 5.03. After I log in there comes an error. (address: http://localhost/x2engine/index.php/profile/1) Fatal error: Class 'ProfileDashboard' not found in J:\xampp\htdocs\x2engine\framework\web\CWidgetFactory.php on line 147 I couldn't do anything right now. Edit: After that error, it seems that I am logged in, because I can go to another link in x2engine. (f.e. http://localhost/x2engine/index.php/admin/index) Any suggestions? Thanks, Wolfgang
  5. Hi, since the last update to version 3.7.4 I have no "Contact" data in my invoices. When I want to print an invoice there aren't any data in these fields from my template: {Contact.firstName} {Contact.lastName} {Contact.address} {Contact.zipcode} {Contact.city} {Contact.country} (See attached files...) Should I change these Variables to something else? Best regards, Wolfgang Ried
  6. Short Feedback: The convertion from quote to invoice works now. Version: 3.7.4
  7. The Version is 3.7.2. where I got this effekt. I always update to the newest software, so I don't know since this happen... Also I noticed that the products in the quote are lost after the last update, perhaps you can reproduce that? Best regards, Wolfgang Ried
  8. Hi, I've got a sometimes the problem, when I want to convert a quote to an invoice that the converted invoice won't be displayed in the invoice list. Perhaps my procedure is wrong.... I do it like this: 1. Create a Quote with filling in data like contact, assignee, name, items 2. Click on "Convert to Invoice" and print --> this invoice isn't in the invoice list neither in the quotes list When I go to the Contact I see in the relationships this invoice. I don't know what is wrong... Could I change something in the database, so that these invoices will be displayed? Thanks a lot. Be
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