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  1. I am attempting the update again. When I click on the option to perform the update I get: Files to be changed or added: 175 [ Show ]Files to be deleted: 3 [ Show ]SQL commands to run: 3 [ Show ]Compatibility issues detected. [ Hide ]Note that the following files, of which there are local custom derivatives, will be changed:protected/config/console.phpI did a backup of the database, checked the box to restore from the databse, should a problem arise, and applied the update. SUCCESS. I should be all set now. Maybe my postings will help someone else out there... (Edited for spelling mistak
  2. jeschatz2000 - I believe that just means that the file has been changed since it was released (usually some sort of custom code) and if you run the update you would lose that custom code. Although, I think part of the reason my site stopped working was that I had some sort of warning, and it was for a module that I don't use, so I ignored it and attempted the update anyway. Then when it failed I tried it again. My system is still in test stages for my company and I only have 3 users, so I thought "What could go wrong". At least now I feel better about having a nightly backup. lol -Charl
  3. (I updated my post to have the list of items from the sticky post. Sorry I missed that the first time around...) X2EngineCRM Version - 4.1.1Module the Bug is Located In (Contacts, Actions, etc.) - UPDATECopy/Paste of the PHP Error (if there is one) - BELOWHTML Error Code (if there is one)- BELOWA Brief Description of what you were doing when the bug occurred (bonus points if the bug is reproducible - I attempted an update (to 4.1.3) this morning and recieved this errorA list of files that you have modified (if any) - NONEYour PHP version - 5.3.18 I attempted an update (to 4.1.3) this morning
  4. I stumbled across a feature called "Create Activity Feed Report Email" that states: "Please note that this report will not function if you do not have the Cron service turned on, please check with your administrator if you are unsure." I verified that my host has the capabilities, and I have used with with another portion of our website. But when I choose options and save i just get the following error: Oops! It looks like the application ran into an unexpected error. We apologize for the inconvenience and would like to do our best to fix this issue. If you would like to make a post on ou
  5. Occasionally I am getting an odd half screen when I try to use the login screen. Either after hitting the logoff button, or just manually loading up the URL. It happens when using Chrome 31.0.1650.63 m. It sort of looks like I just need to scroll up but there are no scroll bars, and the scroll on the mouse doesn't go that far up. Sometimes a CRTL-F5 will fix it, otherwise I can just press enter to logon to the system, because my username and password are saved... Not a big issue, I just thought I would try and help by sharing what I found. let me knowif you need any more information on
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