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  2. Ah interesting, perhaps plain HTTP is disabled, how about: netstat -tln | grep :443If this returns an open port, try to reach your instance by prefixing https:// in front of your VM IP address or domain name. You'll also want to check your Apache error log at /var/log/apache2/error.log for anything interesting.
  3. Hello Eugene, Ah very interesting, would you happen to have some automation system or control panel in place which might manage cronjobs? After configuring the cronjobs from the Cron Table settings page, examine the cron table from the CLI with a command like: sudo crontab -eu www-datasubstituting your web server user as appropriate. Ensure that the X2CRM automation jobs are present in the crontab, then inspect it again later to verify they are still there. You can also try running the console command from within the protected directory manually with: ./yiic cronIf it remains present in th
  4. Hi Robert, To enable qtips on Quotes, there are a handful of modifications that will need to be performed: In LinkableBehavior, you'll want to add a custom class to Quote links: diff --git a/x2engine/protected/components/behaviors/LinkableBehavior.php b/x2engine/protected/components/behaviors/LinkableBehavior.php index 4183736..fd2c86a 100644 --- a/x2engine/protected/components/behaviors/LinkableBehavior.php +++ b/x2engine/protected/components/behaviors/LinkableBehavior.php @@ -197,6 +197,14 @@ class LinkableBehavior extends CActiveRecordBehavior { 'class'=>'contac
  5. Yes that's correct, currently the email format can only be quickly configured by using Email Templates in the Docs module. However, I can see having a "default" email template, perhaps configured per-user, being useful for many verticals, for example to enable quicker and more consistent responses in a customer support team.
  6. Ah I see, I believe it may be caused by the web server process being executed by "nobody", and not having write access in the webroot. Depending on the security you require on your server and whether you have other virtual hosts enabled, there are a few options to resolve: Change the web server process to be executed by the owner of the webroot files ("XXXXX" in the output above). This can be done in the Apache config by updating the "User" and "Group" directives. If this is the only virtual host running on this server, this would be suitable, but if you're running other web apps, it is best t
  7. Excellent, great to hear it's working out for you! Nice, great to hear your use case, thanks for sharing!
  8. Hi Chris, Sorry for the late response on your other thread, it was a holiday here in the US yesterday. I've responded to your original thread with troubleshooting information and more resources on installing X2CRM, please see my response here: http://community.x2crm.com/topic/3341-installalling-into-a-vm/?do=findComment&comment=13507 Regarding the service failing to start, this is likely due to an issue in the virtual host configuration. To determine the cause of error, please examine your web server error log at /var/log/apache2/error.log. Before restarting Apache, it's a good idea to
  9. Hello Chris, Could you please describe how the VM behaves after you restart it? Can you reach the web server at all, or does the request fail or timeout? You may want to verify that ports 80 and 443 are available through the firewall. If you're still using UFW on Ubuntu, you can verify your firewall rules with: sudo ufw status numberedAfter rebooting, you can also check whether Apache was properly started with the commands: ps aux | grep apache netstat -tln | grep :80If it is not running, but you can start it with "service apache2 start", then it may not be enabled at runtime. In this case
  10. Excellent, glad to hear the widget was in fact disabled, I'll update this thread as solved.
  11. Excellent, great to hear that the wait actions are functional! No problem, glad I could help, I'll go ahead and mark this thread as "solved."
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Hello Eugene, Ah yes, makes sense. One way to do so would be to add a new custom field to your form to store their source URL, then add some custom JavaScript to capture the referrer (the page the weblead form iframe was loaded on) in the source URL field. You'll also want to insert some custom CSS to hide the source URL field on the form so as to not confuse the user. Please see the following screenshot for an example weblead form configuration, assuming this new URL field is called "sourceUrl": Raymond
  14. Ah yes, then it is likely a cron restriction for the web server user. Since you can add the cron jobs with your cpanel, feel free to add the web request method to your cron table as well. Both this method and the command line method invoke the same backend methods, but it is always good to have redundancy. If you can use wait actions in X2Workflow, then your cron is configured and working.
  15. Excellent, that's wonderful! Thanks for reporting back, I'll update this thread as solved.
  16. Hello John, Not to worry, the widget is just hidden. You'll want to click the cog icon in the top right, then choose the Relationships widget to restore it. Please see the following screenshot for more detail: Raymond
  17. Hello, Unfortunately I wasn't able to view the screencast, I got a 404. However, if the form is not updating on page reload with the option enabled, then it may be due to cron configuration. What operating system are you hosting X2CRM on? If you're on a Windows system, you'll need to use another system like Scheduled Commands to run the commands. If you're on Linux, it may be best to check for the presence of /etc/cron.allow and /etc/cron.deny, and make sure that either the web server user is included in the former, or not included in the latter. Raymond
  18. No, unfortunately email throttling is not applied to emails sent via workflow. Throttling these could be preferable in some cases, we will consider possible use cases and implementation for such throttling in the future.
  19. Hello medotron, Excellent, glad to hear you found the cause! The "copy to sent" functionality is option, due to the varying behavior between Email Service Providers. Some providers, like GMail for example, will automatically copy sent messages to your sent folder, but for other providers this will need to be performed manually. Cheers, Raymond
  20. Excellent, great to hear that has resolved the issue! We've seen this happen a couple times in the past, as recently as a few weeks ago. Cheers, Raymond
  21. Ahh interesting, I hadn't heard of similar issues in DO before. You may be able to find a suitable workaround in this related thread: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions/outgoing-connections-on-port-25-587-143-blocked-over-ipv6 Edit: Looks like they block SMTP on new accounts, so you may also be able to file a service case with DO to have your restriction lifted: https://cloud.digitalocean.com/support
  22. Interesting, it may be worth it to verify network connectivity regardless to ensure the configuration of the networking devices in between the servers isn't getting in the way. Try connecting to your email server from the server X2CRM is hosted on using a CLI utility like telnet, substituting your host and port as appropriate: telnet smtp.googlemail.com 587 telnet imap.googlemail.com 993If the connection succeeds, we can rule out network connectivity. It will also be worth checking if the SSL CA certificates are up to date. You can try updating the ca-certificates package with your package
  23. Hmm interesting, would you happen to be using a browser plugin like Grammarly? We've found that this plugin adds a large amount of overhead into some form submissions, in particular the Docs create/update page. If you're using Apache, I'd also suggest checking whether mod_security is enabled, and if so, try increasing your SecRequestBodyLimit in your config.
  24. Macros can be created with X2Workflow. First, navigate to the marketing module, then hit "X2Workflow" in the left-hand menu. Create a new workflow, then select "Macro Executed" as your trigger, followed by whichever actions you would like to perform. Then, view a record of your chosen type, and you should find the macro widget in the top right corner, with a dropdown of available macros. You can also select multiple records on a grid, hit "More" above, then select "Execute Macro." Hope this helps!
  25. Hello, I've responded to your other thread, please see my response here: http://community.x2crm.com/topic/3324-error-500/?do=findComment&comment=13461. Please refrain from creating duplicate threads in the future, I'll close this one so that we can continue our conversation in the original thread. Thanks, Raymond
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