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  1. So, I reinstalled X2CRM. Setup a user and email account. I am now connected to inbox and outbox. The inbox seems to show emails correctly - although the cron email update doesn't appear to work - manual update does. I have a cron.php in my host's scheduled tasks that contains: <?php> shell_exec('curl http://xxxxxxxxx.co.uk/contacts/x2engine/index.php/api/x2cron&>/dev/null'); shell_exec('/home/sites/xxxxxxxxx.co.uk/public_html/xxxxxxxxx.co.uk/contacts/x2engine/protected/yiic cron &>/dev/null'); shell_exec('/home/sites/xxxxxxxxx.co.uk/public_html/txxxxxxxxx.co.uk/co
  2. So, I have my mailbox configured - it is showing my various folders including inbox and sent. So good, so far. Email connection is confirmed as good in setup. Sending to this address from an external email - it gets into the inbox - but there is no content shown. Sending from this mailbox - does nothing - no email sent and nothing shown in the sent folder. Pretty hopeless. No-one seems to be able to come up with a solution for email problems. Rather defeats the object of X2CRM. One of the principal requirements is the ability to keep in contact - an email system that is this flake
  3. Thanks for that. Done that - just generates an error: Your script returned the following: There was an error testing your cron job. Please try again or contact support if this continues.
  4. Thanks Walter, I worked this out. I had one user and an admin. The admin can't, I don't think have a calendar. Therefore, setting up a new (normal) user - they get their own calendar. Cheers, Mike
  5. Hi all, Using 6.9. I have email setup up using imap. Some issues: Sent folder not available - only inbox and trash. Emails in inbox - only show subject - no content? How to make X2 automatically trigger email collection. I have enabled the cron within X2 - do I need to copy the cron command to my host's cron table?Thanks, Mike
  6. Hi, I am unable to use separate calendars. The first user I setup is now the default calender - no other option to assign others users their own calender. Any suggestions, please? Cheers, Mike
  7. OK. So I've updated. Still doesn't work in Chrome or Safari - even with cookies cleared. Tried Firefox - where it hasn't been used - this, at least allowed me to stay logged in. Setup a second user - confirmed email settings. Still have an issue - inbox is available. However sent box is disabled (this is an imap account) - I can see no way of enabling it. Also I have only one calendar available - that of my first user setup. Consequent users default to that - with no option to assign the new user their own Calender. Lastly, how do I get X2 to automatically pick up emails - is their
  8. Having, just downloaded and installed yesterday. You are now telling me to do it again. Really? and where do you suggest i download - your site gives no idea what version is being download. I even considered downloading for my Mac- this jsut put me in a perpetual loop - no download to be seen. Not sure whether it is worth the effort.
  9. Hi, Yup, tried deleting cookies. but that presents other problems. I can login, but now I am unable to setup email properly. I have one user setup fine. But now, that is theo nly email credential available - can see no other way of setting any new ones. Sheesh. Using Version 6.6.
  10. This is one of many I have tried - all seem a real mess in one way or another. I can login as another user (for testing) but trying to do anything results in returning to the login screen - every single time. Renders X2 as useless as the rest, I'm afraid.
  11. Hi, Just installed (shared server). I setup a new user to test. Logged out as admin and then tried to login as the user. I am told that my session has expired (haven't even logging in yet) and am then returned to the login screen. What is going on here? Thanks, Mike
  12. Hi alt_f4, Thanks for that. Ive put the following in head and CSS: <p class="antispam">Leave this empty<input type="text" name="url"></p> <?php // if the url field is empty if(isset($_POST['url']) && $_POST['url'] == ''){ // then send the form to your email mail( 'you@yoursite.com', 'Contact Form', print_r($_POST,true) ); } // otherwise, let the spammer think that they got their message through?> .antispam { display:none;} This seems to work, however, the form, no longer displays the short message conforming the email has been sent. Any ideas?
  13. Hi all, So I have a web form - functions fine. However, I am now starting to receive spam through the form - is there any way to prevent this? If not, the form is, of course, of no use and will have to be removed.
  14. So, If I understand this - there is no way to stop a web form from duplicating an account? I have a form that is working fine - I've set it to record contact and account details. It, unfortunately, set up the contact in a new account each time. So acount A , is increments with something like account A-1 This seems rather clumsy. Is something that will be fixed? Cheers, Mike
  15. Hi Raymond, Thanks for persevering So - I've followed your advice - workflow is set just to comment on an overdue action. I have removed (&>/dev/null). Email from script (using Curl now): /bin/sh: -c: line 0: syntax error near unexpected token `newline' /bin/sh: -c: line 0: `ulimit -m 100000; nice -- /usr/bin/curl http://thexxcorporation.com/crm/index.php/api/x2cron>' No comment recorded on record. Checked email configuration - this is fine and verified. Any ideas? Cheers, Mike
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