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  1. Thought I filed this but apparently not? I am importing a mailing list which contains address such as: "123 Main street, #332, New York, NY, 10023". The address field seems to be parsed because I end-up with a tag "#332". With importing a list of 400 names results is about 300 additional numeric tags . Is the a way around this until it is fixed? I filed a bug but not sure how to track it. Thanks -Ed
  2. In the My Actions widget on the right-hand-side of the Actions screen. -Ed
  3. Hi guys: One of my partners has "17 overdue actions" but when the list of actions is displayed and the filter is set to show Unfinished Actions assigned me Me that are due at ANY TIME, they are all due in future dates. Help? Thanks -Ed
  4. Since there is no "select all" button currently available (only a "select all on current screen").... would it break things if I created a new field in X2 and edited the SQL database to set that field for all contacts? Also, it there a way to populate a field with a default value when creating a new Contact? Thanks -Ed
  5. Now that I see it, I don't understand how I did not see it before !!! . THANK YOU !
  6. Just wondering if I can filter Contacts etc. on something like "not equal to XYZ" ? Thanks -Ed
  7. Hi guys: Quick silly question. So I come in this morning and I click on Actions to see what I have assigned to me. 10 Actions. OK... I can handle. I click on one of them and the screen splits nicely in half so I can see the details of the action I selected. Now what? How can I mark that action as done? or edit the action? Do I have to click on the contact and do it from the contact? Sorry if this is a silly question... Thanks -Ed
  8. I filed a bug on this but not sure what the status is or if there is a workaround. If an address field is: "123 somewhere street #112", the "#112" will create a "#112" tag. You can imagine the number of tags created when importing hundreds of mailing addresses. Text in the address field should not be parsed for tags. Does anyone know of a workaround for this until it is fixed? Thanks -Ed
  9. Request a true "select all" rather than "select all displayed on the current page". Is particular, if I display all contacts and want to set a new flag on all contacts to set them all at a starting point... can't do that currently. Feel free to ask "Do you really mean to update 1,423 records?" . -Ed
  10. Request is to record any campaign action (email, call, or physical mail) in the contact's action so if I look at a contact, I can see which campaigns they were part of. -Ed
  11. Hum... ok. Thanks. That tells me how to delete it (change last name and phone number) and then delete it. Issue remains that somehow X2 created that record. I just started using X2 and am working from an imported list (did not create any by hand except for a test contact). Oh well.. can't tell you how to reproduce so we'll never know -Ed
  12. RESOLVED. Posting resolution in case others use GoDaddy for their hosting. There are a couple of issues, we are using Godaddy shared hosting "Ultimate Web Hosting Linux", and they have their own SMTP relay. We were trying to use gmail to relay, but it appears Godaddy blocks SMTP in / out: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5440026/php-on-godaddy-linux-shared-trying-to-send-through-gmail-smtp To remedy the situation, we first had to clear out all SMTP credentials using the Manage Apps screen. http://wiki.x2engine.com/wiki/E-Mail_Configuration http://yourhost.com/index.php/profile
  13. Good Morning! Using X2 version 3.6.2 / PHP 5.3.24 I imported a few hundred contacts from a CSV list. CSV had no duplicates. For some reason, I now have 3 instances of duplicate contacts. If I open an AccountX, I see there are two duplicated contacts associated with that Account. If I open the first contact, it acts normally. My co-worker has recorded actions associated with this contact. If I open the second duplicate contact, there is a bold red warning: "This Record may be a duplicate". I then have the option to Keep this record, Keep and hide the others, of Keep and Delete the othe
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