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  1. Thanks, Raymond, for the reply. It is good to know that there is some thought about the potential upgrade. Like you said, it will probably be a lot of work to upgrade and will need to wait for the stable release. From just playing around with the Yii 2.0 Beta, though, it looks like there are some really nice improvements. I guess time will tell what would be most valuable from an X2CRM perspective and when it makes sense to upgrade.
  2. I was just curious if the developers of the X2Engine have plans for using Yii 2.0 in a future version. Is that on the X2Engine roadmap?
  3. Yes, I really like this idea as well. It becomes nearly impossible to, for example, delete all of the contacts if I did a bad import or something of that nature. The checkboxes are a good first step, but adding bulk actions using the checked items would REALLY be helpful.
  4. I agree. This would be very nice. There may be alternatives like integrating with other CMS (e.g., Drupal, WordPress), but having a customer portal tightly integrated with X2CRM would be very nice.
  5. I guess I will be the first to post here. Although the X2 Studio is now on 3.6, hopefully these comments will still be welcome. I just started playing around with the X2 Studio and it is very cool. Although I am a programmer (in Yii no less), the ease and stability with which I can customize aspects of the CRM with X2 Studio are very useful. My question concerns portability. We have hundreds of fields that we would like to add to the Account module. With the collapsible fields, I think that we could do this without losing too much usability. My question, though, is whether there is any a
  6. Are there any examples showing best practices in implementing these API calls?
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