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  1. A quick fix is to add the Model Name field in the Account form - add to the bottom of the form, field does not have to be populated for an Account to be created.
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  3. I cleared the Assets and Cache .bin files - no change, still no option for Edit Fields of Selected under the More tab. Also - I noticed that that hover over feature is gone too - you used to be able to mouse over a name in Contacts and a pop-up would display background info. Is there a way to revert back to the earlier version? All these problems started when I installed 3.7
  4. The modified file is index.php in /protected/modules/contacts/views/contacts folder. I overrode that file with an index.php in /custom/protected/modules/contacts/views/contacts I just tried reverting back to the original index.php - still no Update Fields of Selected option as you can see from the attached screencap.
  5. I've tried clearing the brower caches - no luck. What is the process of clearing the assets directory - I have FTP access to it, not sure what to delete though. Thanks for your help.
  6. Yes - I did add custom colors to the Lead Score a couple of weeks ago without issue. This problem started after installing 3.7 on Friday. Here's the error in Chrome: GET http://ameritrust.com/lead/assets/ae74c779/jquery.cookie.js 404 (Not Found) index:269100 index:1796after grid update index:1810event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead.
  7. The page is the Contact page. I have tried in Firefox, Explorer and Chrome - as you can see from the screenshot, Update Fields of Selected is gone from the MORE dropdown.
  8. Thanks Derek - I can't seem to get the Update Fields of Selected option on the dropdown to reappear - I've tried refreshing, resizing and reorganizing the grid.
  9. Hi Derek - After I updated to the latest version today, this function stopped working: "Editing individual records from the gridview, however, is already possible through our grid view mass actions feature. You can select any number of records on a grid view page and then individually edit their fields without refreshing. For editing fields of individual records, this is not quite as convenient as what's depicted in your first screenshot. Being able to click into fields on the gridview to edit them would be nice." There's is no longer an Update Fields of Selected selection in the More ta
  10. Thank you so much, Derek! I totally missed that Gridview editing option - this is HUGE! Thank you!
  11. dlopez - that is awesome! Yes - I can dabble in code a bit.
  12. A much requested feature at our office is the ability to quickly edit a contact - ideally in Quick View -or- in the contact view (without having to edit so the user and quickly edit and go to the next file with the next/previous arrows). Crude mock-ups attached.
  13. Would love to have a way to color code a contact so the quick view contact list can be organized better visually. Crude mock-up attached
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. Hello - I'm having the same issue. I would like to hide/delete all duplicate contacts. Thanks.
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