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  1. Hi Guillaume, As I recall the information to check for open emails is in a couple of tables depending on how it was sent. What exactly are you trying to do? I am a little foggy on what I did before because my focus over the last number of months has been on creating software to automate the creation and validation of leads using information from the Internet. Regards, Glenn
  2. Version 5.05b has created a few more widgets like Calls & Emails in the relationship area, however would love to be able to create other ones like Account and be able to choose which fields show. It would be even better as Rene said to have this in the Admin area. Is that on the roadmap or is there a how to written somewhere on this?
  3. Thanks Tom, Interesting. So it is a manual one off process, meaning if a new flow gets created then a new field would be needed as well as a change to the report to include that field? Glenn
  4. When using Process I can see all sales reps activity. When I select to filter by user nothing shows. When I look in the grid for all users I see Assigned To value has been filled in. X2Engine 5.0.4 Platinum Edition Regards,Glenn
  5. Just started to play with Process and it appears very, very powerful and easy to use. One question is how do I get reports on closed processes and tie that to sales stage? For example, would want to know how many at each stage of the process were lost vs won for each sales rep. Regards, Glenn
  6. Hi Jake, Liked this idea and tried it, however it did not work. Did something change? Regards, Glenn
  7. Hi Derek, Viewing is a great first step, however being able to create a dynamic list or filter from details of related records is also needed. Any chance of that happening? I like your idea of hovering. Another way would be to add the email button to the Opportunities field and then get values of fields from related records the same way it is done in X2Flow. Regards, Glenn
  8. Your the best Raymond Thanks
  9. A client of mine has an external program that creates proposals and saves them on their hard drive. They want to email this proposal link from X2 to their client. Opportunities would be the ideal place to store this link for there can be multiple opportunities per contact. Problem is there is not an option to email the contact from the opportunities tab and the contact tab can not access information in the opportunities table. Suggestions? Regards Glenn
  10. If I need multi table reports that need data say from Contacts, Account, Events then I need to go outside the system correct? This is what I have done, however not sure if your new reporting engine deals with only single tables or multi tables. Regards, Glenn
  11. Hi Raymond, I was only talking about importing into the Contacts Module. Is that what you are talking about? Glenn
  12. When importing data, usually it is not 100% clean and many times there is a space at the beginning or the end of the email. Currently the import reject the record. It would make the import much cleaner if it just trimmed it then accepted it. Regards, Glenn
  13. I posted before about switching to Westhost on shared server but it ended up being too slow so switch again a number of months back. For a number of reasons I switched to A2hosting.com with managed VPS instead of shared. VPS costs way more but better speed is better. Another client used shared site5 which was OK but slow at times due to being shared. What is the speed like for linode?
  14. Linkedin on Contact Form has 2 different kinds of profile links. /in/ and /pub/ X2 handles /in/ but not /pub/ Below is a random person from LinkedIn that uses /pub/ www.linkedin.com/pub/herb-cohen/13/775/a81 So as not to break old data do a str_replace if /pub/ is detected in the linkedin field. You may also want to allow for /in/ in front of value for consistency Line 194 of /protected/components/FieldFormatter.php case 'linkedin': $text = '<a href="http://www.linkedin.com/in/'. $this->render ($this->owner->$fieldName, $encode) .
  15. Hi David, I needed more speed and flexibility so I don't use the X2 Web Form. Instead I just created html/php code that talks to the X2 API. Doing it this way you could easily write one form that can know which page it is on and have it saved to X2. It could then trigger the flows you set up. Regards, Glenn
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