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  1. That worked, man. Good idea. I'm guessing the X2 does more than simple hash the password string into the database. Is there a bit of php code somewhere you could point us devs to that we could use stand-alone to update an admin password the way X2s password reset does?
  2. Hi dear ones. My admin login wasn't working today for some reason and php mail was failing to send the reset email. I looked under the hood in the DB and most of the user passwords are preceded with the string `sha256:32768:`. So I tried hashing a text string at http://www.convertstring.com/Hash/SHA256and updating the data field with the output bot preceded by the above string and without, but the app is rejecting my username/password on both. Other logins are working. Can you recommend a solution?
  3. Clearing the CloudFlare (CDN) Cache solved the problem. Maybe it was an older version of ckeditor.js being served.
  4. Recently upgraded to 6.9. Was getting file not found errors on `js/ckeditor/plugins/codemirror/plugin.js` as well as `js/ckeditor/plugins/codeEditor/plugin.js`. Got this far: wget https://github.com/w8tcha/CKEditor-CodeMirror-Plugin/archive/v1.17.2.zip unzip v1.17.2.zip mv CKEditor-CodeMirror-Plugin-1.17.2/codemirror . wget https://download.ckeditor.com/pbckcode/releases/pbckcode_1.2.5.zip unzip pbckcode_1.2.5.zip mv pbckcode codeEditor # Within the js/ckeditor/plugins directory Now am getting this error in the console: ckeditor.js?1501261342:180 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read propert
  5. Hi I've been poking around the app as well as docs for a while and can't seem to remember how to add a new user email to be included in the Send As listing for mailing out a campaign. Can someone please remind me?
  6. Thank you so much, Isaiah. Success. I updated the protected dir with rsync: rsync -avP local_unzipped_protected user@server.com:public_html/outreach/protected I wasn't able to run `./yiic update app` with `644` permissions so changed to `755`. Secure enough to leave 755 permissions on `yiic`? Also configured `index.php/admin/updaterSettings` for automatic updates and ran # /home/user/public_html/outreach/protected/yiic update app --lock=1 The updater is up-to-date and safe to use. X2Engine is at the latest version!
  7. Hi and thanks. When you say make outbound requests to the updater URL do you mean for example: wget https://x2planet.com/installs/requirements.php What exactly IS the "updater url for X2Planet"? As of right now, when I run `./yiic update app` I get the same error: Both of those files exist with 644 permissions. (Tried with 755 permissions as well.)
  8. Still tumbleweeds on this one?
  9. Thanks. Yes it does look that way at this point. Got any recommendations?
  10. Hey @x2Jake and crew. Is this the correct place to drop a little nudge about the update issue I seem to be having? The updater version I have is $version='6.0'; $buildDate='1461528248'; $updaterVersion='6.0'; $language='en'; The rest of the details is: Using php 5.5. First thing necessary was adding the ssh2 module, which I did through CPanel. Uploaded the requirements.php file and it says: This webserver can run X2Engine! But the updater still says Cannot run updater. One or more dependencies of AdminController are missing and could not be automatically retrieved. They are protected/
  11. Yes. $version='6.0'; $buildDate='1461528248'; $updaterVersion='6.0'; $language='en';
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