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  1. General Changelog / Developer Notes PHP7 compatibilityYii updated to 1.1.17PHPMailer updated to 5.2.14File attachment feature added to most X2Touch modules, including custom modulesAdded "Copy to Sent" dropdown to email client configuration to explicitly store sent messagesAdded "Reply All" button to email clientNew Office365 credentials typeAdded web tracker JavaScript code export functionalityFixed importer bug which created erroneous relationshipsAutomated email logging bugfixesFixed bug preventing records export download button from showingFixed email client quota issue with Office365Track
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  3. Hi Eugene, I suspect that the flow was triggered twice. It is less plausible that a single flow execution would send out duplicate emails. Would you mind sending me an export of the problematic flow? Derek
  4. Hi wooly, Yes, early benchmarking results indicate a roughly 2x performance increase (compared to installations running PHP 5.3) on the Contacts screen. This is on an installation running locally with the built-in dummy data. Performance benefits will be smaller depending on network latency and database server performance. Derek
  5. Hi Bizessence, Please ensure that your default role does not grant permissions above "Only Assigned" for create, read, update, and delete. Custom roles cannot be effectively more restrictive that the default role, since all users get the default role. Derek
  6. Hi wooly, PHP 7 is not supported in X2CRM version 5.4.3. This is due to PHP forwards compatibility issues in both the X2 and Yii codebase. We will, however, be introducing support for PHP 7 in our upcoming 5.4.4 update, which should be available in the next week or two. I've updated the system requirements on our wiki. Derek Edit: Added mention of wiki edit.
  7. Hi Bizessence, While there's a good chance that a small file change would resolve the issue, there's no guarantee. However, assuming the correct file is replaced and a backup of the old file is kept, risks associated with applying a file patch are minimal (you could easily revert to the old file). I would like to reiterate, though, that the simplest solution would probably be to adjust your upload_max_filesize value, assuming you have access to the php.ini file on your server. Our next update should be available by the middle of next week. Derek
  8. Hi bizessence, In 5.4.3, decimal values get removed for the purposes of determining the attachment widget's max upload size. This means that if you have an "upload_max_filesize" defined between 0 and 1, then your effective max upload size for the attachments widget will be 0. We do have a fix for this bug which will be available in our upcoming 5.4.4 release. Until then, adjusting the value in your php.ini file would serve as a temporary workaround. Or, if you wanted to have the bug fixed before 5.4.4, I can provide you with a patched file to replace the file in your installation that contai
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. Hi bizessence, The file upload feature that you're using is constrained by your server's "upload_max_filesize" php.ini setting. Increasing that value to >= 1M should fix the issue that you're having. Derek
  12. Hi radioman, The slowdown might be occurring on the page that you get redirected to after logging in (this is probably your home page, which is the profile dashboard by default). A few possible reasons for page unresponsiveness are the introduction of a large number of records (have you performed a big import recently?), increased host server load, or inefficient/slow application code. The profile dashboard in particular can be slowed down by adding a large number of widgets, especially charting widgets created in the Reports module. If the timeout is occurring inside the X2CRM codebase yo
  13. Hi Cedric, There's also an admin page called "Rollback Import", where you can remove previously imported records in bulk. This feature *is* part of our Community Edition. Derek
  14. Hi Ken, This should be fairly straightforward to implement in code. A line could be added to the method actionCreateEmail in DocsController.php to check if the user is admin and respond with a 403 if they're not. Another method, insertMenu, is used to determine which menu items appear in the Action Menu widget. Inside that method you could add a permissions check to determine whether the "Create Email" menu item should be displayed. Keep in mind that even if email template creation is restricted, ad hoc templates can be created in Campaigns by inserting dynamic attributes into the email bo
  15. Hi cedric, Bullk actions (e.g. delete, tag, update, add note) for the record grids are only in our Professional and Platinum Editions. Derek
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