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  1. Hi, After many hours trying to integrate X2CRM and Mailchimp, I finally found something that may be usefull. It sends every contact to a Mailchimp list. Follow this steps: 1. Ceate a Workflow with the trigger "Record created" to contacts. 2. Add the action "Remote API Call" to the flow. 3. Fill the fields like this: URL: https://[your-mailchimp-server].api.mailchimp.com/3.0/lists/[your-list-id]/members Method: POST Use JSON payload? Checked JSON: { "email_address": "{email}", "status": "subscribed", "merge_fields": { "FNAME": "{firstName}", "LNAME": "{
  2. Hi, Im using X2CRM 6.5.2. The Remote API Call is replacing {email} tag with HTML tag "<a href...". I think its a big problem in most of situations. So I have made a workaround. I edited the file protected/components/x2flow/actions/X2FlowApiCall.php and added this at 210 line: $data = strip_tags(htmlspecialchars_decode($data)); I hope it helps. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I have many doubts about web lead capture. Could somebody help me? 1. How do I configure the web lead form to send an e-mail to the user assigned? 2. How do I translate the web lead form? 3. How do I customize the form appearance (CSS)? 4. Can I add or remove fields from capture forms? 5. Is there a list of captured leads? Where? Thank you very much.
  4. Hi Jake, I have some information that maybe can help you to fix a bug. 1. I created 4 checkboxes fields. 2. In the contacts form, I added a collapsible with 4 cols. 3. I added each checkbox in each cols, then saved. The result was the read-only checkboxes in the form. Now, I added 1 text field (web tracking key) at the same collapsible. Saved. Then the checkboxes begin to work! I returned to form edit and removed the text field. Saved. The checkboxes continue working! I think my problem is solved, but there is something to fix for the future users, ok? (Sorry about my bad English.
  5. Hi Jake, I'm using X2CRM 3.0.2. Thanks for the prompt response.
  6. Hello, I created a custom field (checkbox), but it`s shown as disabled in the new contact form. How can I enable it? Thanks.
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