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  1. When a user submits the web lead from on website.. It must notify through email that new lead arrived.. I saw a thread in the past on this form seems like it was deleted..
  2. In invoices clients some time some part of the amount of total quote. Some time as a advance amount before product is delivered. This option would help more
  3. When creating quotes we are facing problem with INR symbol. System always throws bellow error Please fix the following input errors: Price contains illegal characters. Adjustment must be a currency amount or a percentage (e.g. "रु 50.00" or "-50%"). http://dnalabsindia.com/currency_error.jpg
  4. I have followed the instruction given on the below link to configure dropbox I am using 2.9.1 version http://wiki.x2engine.com/wiki/E-Mail_Configuration#Configuring_the_.22Email_Dropbox.22_For_Receiving_Emails after configuring, When i send email to dropbox@dnlabsindia.com i get following error in my bounced email: Any help to fix this problem is a welcome. If dropbox is not supported in community edition, the can i download from yii framework and install it. If any one has fixed it share their experience with me Error i get: _______________________________________________________
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