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  1. Hi, This is very much doable. But before that we need to confirm the scenario: Consider the total cost of the project is $5000. As per your requirement, an upfront payment(50%) which is 2500$ is done by your client. Here you want an email notification that needs to be sent to you regarding the pending amount or do you need any other details of the invoice sent? Also, after first week of completion, your client makes another 25% of payment which is $1250 and the balance amount is $1250. What exactly is your requirement in this point? Do you need to track the previous invoices or you need the de
  2. Hi, Any fields can be customized in the quotes module above form fields except the line items(adjustment,comments). If the same fields in the Quotes module, text fields of line items needs to be hidden, then this is possible only through coding.
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