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  1. Do non-paying users of X2 have access to the API? I saw the docs. Maybe we can do our own import? We only have a several hundred records in SuiteCRM. I'll continue to look for a new CRM that has an import facility of some kind, or an ability for us to create our own. It does not look like it will be X2. Thanks for your help. I started this thread in 2012. You'd think that in five years the X2 people would have developed at least a framework for doing an import but I guess it was not a priority and still isn't. Back then I expected X2 to be HUGE and that it would take over from Sugar as the
  2. They have a free import but I can't seem to find what the limitations are... and you know they have to be some!
  3. Hmm. I thought someone would come back with some help on how to move from SuiteCRM (or SugarCRM) to X2. Any ideas are appreciated.
  4. I'd like to do this migration. How is it done? I can't seem to find the docs.
  5. After about three years, I'm back... or at least I want to be. I've been using SuiteCRM the past three years but things are not going well over there and I thought that maybe X2 has all their issues solved. I have a fair amount of both leads and accounts from SuiteCRM that I'd want to migrate to X2. Is that possible? If so please point me to the docs on how to do it. I assume it would be from a mysqldump file, which is easy to create. Thanks.
  6. No, I never got a solution... not with X2 or any other database. No one that I know of has a multi-tenant system out there... and I looked all over for one. While we use X2 for some non-mission-critical small projects, because of so much early-adoption instability we went back to SugarCRM... and when Sugar decided to close down their open-source system we moved to the fork called SuiteCRM which has been solid for us. X2 has developed into a very nice system and when someone comes up with a way to import most of the SuiteCRM data (leads and accounts) we'd take a serious look at using X2 for
  7. I see that leads don't have an address field. In our workflow a lead is a potential client company that we hope to sign. We don't use Contacts as we don't do biz with people, but with entities. Thus we need to be able to 'convert' a lead to an account when we win the deal. And if we don't win, we still want a record of the lead's address. Maybe we should be looking at Opportunities instead? But those records don't have addresses. I guess I am looking for the kind of workflow I'm used to in SugarCRM: Leads can have contacts and if the sale is made, the lead and contacts morph into an a
  8. That will probably work but somehow the tried and true workflow of leads w/ contacts that can be converted to accounts w/ contacts has been used by countless entities for countless years. I don't see how X2 has improved upon it all that much. That said, it isn't that big a deal for us to have one file of 'everyone'... melding leads and accounts into one 'pile.' But it was convenient to separate them. I fail to see the logical or intuitive connection between leads and opportunities. A lead is a person or a company. An opportunity is a thing or a system or a project or a biz arrangement th
  9. I just looked at the X2 online demo, and I see there is a Leads module. In the upcoming version did you add an address field? Will we be able to convert it to an account? I guess I'm looking for the workflow I've used for ten years in SugarCRM. (We don't really use Contacts. A Lead is a person or company who has not signed up with us. Once we get one penny from them, we convert them to an Account. Contacts are useless to us..
  10. I thought it was the address of the Parent! Thanks for clearing this up.
  11. Why is there no address (street,city, etc.) on the Account record? I've used a lot of CRMs and I've never seen such a structure. What am I missing here? Thanks.
  12. Has anyone tried to make X2 multi-tenant ... i.e. where you can have one database but either: 1. use a 'company-ID' record identifier (key) on ever table or 2. use a table-prefix on every table, i.e.: companyX-contacts companyX-accounts companyA-contacts companyA-accounts . . To do either would only work well if there was only one class or module where I/O (read, write) is done. Any ideas? Thanks.
  13. I'd like to take X2 and build in some new functions for our own use... basically a royalty module based on sales of products. I'm a good PHP programmer but have not worked much with the new frameworks. Where would you suggest I start to learn the basic structure of the system. I saw the API but at this stage that is not much help. Are there any docs for developers?
  14. Any idea when 4.2 will be out with the Sugar preset import? There is not 'leads' record in X2 so I could put those into contacts along with my accounts (since accounts does not have an address field for some reason in X2!) Do you think I'd be able to import the email for each contact? How about documents linked to the contact?) (BTW, the Bitnami install worked really well on my iMac with Mav)
  15. I posted this two years ago. I left X2 because at the time it was rather unstable. I went back to SugarCRM and then recently over to SuiteCRM which is a fork of Sugar. It looks like X2 has ironed out a lot of the problems they had two years ago and I'd like to come back... but I have about 2 years of data on the Suite/Sugar platform. Since one of the founders of X2 came from Sugar, I was wondering if in the past two years there was an import module developed or if there is some methodology to get most of the data out of Sugar/Suite and into the X2?
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