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  1. You mean you are using the 3 clause BSD or are new to using The BSD license? I think using the BSD over the GPL is a good choice.
  2. But isn't x2 BSD? If somebody is going to fork / sell the x2 code they'll pull that out anyways because if I'm not mistaken the design is not under BSD or even GPL protection but rather your copyright.
  3. I read that blueprint guy isn't supporting his own code anymore.
  4. Good ideas but really complicated and might not be worth the effort for voting. In place editing could be expanded to included content. I saw an extension recently that allowed you to ping google for the translation. Which is better than just letting google translate the whole site for you which normally ends in fail, fail and more fail.
  5. Great! I do understand why things like this happen (money). I am glad that you are also working towards refactoring and cleaning early enough in the project. This will definitely help in the long run! Also, it might be enough to convince people to choose x2 or zurmo which is pounding the streets hard with their test driven development.
  6. Was that my post? Any Yii update could break something. Besides I see yii2 breaking a lot. Devs will adjust This will cause you more work 1 time which is basically drone bee stuff. Compared to trying to code something fancy the time trade off is worthwhile! Money decision. Actually this creates more money! Yes, thinking of coherent variables will be a huge factor but this will also cause everybody to think about just making up more lines to translate! This will also allow a base translation repository. Here's my baseline that I use, I'm still trying to fine tune it: text_page_tit
  7. Phundament is using composer from symfony. That might help if I understand what you trying to do.
  8. Yep I come from a very strict mvc background. Models = SQL Controllers = logic Views = templates and variable display which does include looping and such to present information So I end up with very fat controllers and end up pushing only variables out to templates. Yes, you do end up with creating more templates. However, thinking about x2 particularly my coment could essentially be disregarded since x2 is a backend app and design priority is relatively a mute point. Heck, you could design with nested tables and nobody would notice. However, of this were a front end situation, kee
  9. TO be honest, let the custom code break. It's easier to provide a warning and let legacy folks complain. I like where you are going with this! Sort of sounds like a HMVC Pattern to me I came across an old project called Yii-modules that tried to provide a "listener" for each module to provide hooks. Another project that I found is called "signals" that is also trying to provide a way for modules to communicate. Now I just have to start getting up to speed on events and behaviors. Interested to read more about your ideas!
  10. Ok, got ya! Hmmm, won't that case problems down the road?
  11. Here's an answer I got on the Yii forums. So, it's possible. But now I'm wondering what is the performance hit with yii's translation system. Normally, the controller would send variables to the view and you can tweak performance in one location but if the views need to call variables on the fly you'll loose performance for being versatile in a bad way. I'm gonna have to give Yii a shake down finally to see if this is a bad design decision or not The mvc I'm using at the moment pulls the language variables from a file then sends them to the template with all the other variables.
  12. Is this already in the release or coming up?
  13. Ughhh #%^##%! Ok, that was regarding Yii! Poedit! And get_text! I'm gonna check out Yii and see if there are alternatives because the way they do it now is really nasty. I wonder if there is a way to over ride what Yii does in the core. But then that will create other issues too
  14. Ouch! I was afraid that was going to be the case. I'm wondering why logic spilled over into the views? I can imagine that RAD and get product to market ASAP or is this a constraint of Yii?
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