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  1. After update, the detail view of any user generated contact list gives a no response (no html). In the apache log, the following error is loged: [Wed Feb 12 08:00:04 2014] [error] [client XX.XX.XX.XX] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function hasAttribute() on a non-object in /XXXX/x2engine/protected/components/permissions/X2ControllerPermissionsBehavior.php on line 78, referer: http://XXX/index.php/contacts/lists After adding a null check in the line shown in the log, the problem appears as solved, the new line looks: if($model !==null && $model->hasAttribute('createdBy')){
  2. Detail of contact list appeared empty, with no html whatsoever. Apache log gave: [Wed Feb 12 08:00:04 2014] [error] [client XX.XX.XX.XX] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function hasAttribute() on a non-object in /var/www/.../x2engine/protected/components/permissions/X2ControllerPermissionsBehavior.php on line 78, referer: http://XXXX/index.php/contacts/lists I added a null check before the line that caused the error and the problem is gone. I dont know whether it's masked or fixed: Line 78 now is: if($model !==null && $model->hasAttribute('createdBy')){*********************
  3. I deleted (clicked on the "X") some collapsible en the Contact View form, how can I add them back?
  4. After updating to 2.9.1, this still does not work. Is it supposed to work in this release?
  5. After replacing the files for some I obtained from the git repository, still does not work. Any other ideas?
  6. Hi Jake, after updating to 2.9.1, this feature still doesnt work. I am using Spanish translation. Any ideas of what may be happening?
  7. Hi Dimitri, About the first question. The token replacement does work in the editor, it only fails on campaigns. About the second, I have my own virtual server in EC2 that I can administer. I did the initial insallation using wget, so it may be the encoding problem, I had a similar problem before that another post in the forum said was probably due to the incorrect encoding of the php mail libraries, so I configured X2 to use my own email server instead and the problem was apparently solved (the example you posted was my own post ) until I updated. I will certainly replace the files wi
  8. Adding contacts to previously existent static list from the "All Contacts" view does not add contacts. Creating a new list works though.
  9. After updating to 2.9, tags are no longer saved in contacts.
  10. After updating to 2.9 the tokens (attributes) like {company} are removed instead of being properly replaced by their values.
  11. This may be a silly question, but I cannot find how to add a discount over the total when creating a new quote, is this possible?
  12. Ohh, that's right, that is pretty much what I was talking about. Thanks!
  13. Hi all, Are there plans on providing a REST API? Otherwise, what is the recommended way to interchange data between X2Engine and, let's say, Business Intelligence software?
  14. That sound amazing. Any estimated date for 3.0 release?
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