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  1. UPDATE: I enabled the 'oauth' PHP extension on the above server, running on PHP 7.4 and X2Engine 8.5.. This didn't make any difference, as far as setting up a Gmail account in X2CRM. I still got the same Error 500 and the same 'Failed to authenticate .. ' message. However, I was able to set up a personal Outlook.com email account, by using the 'Office 365 Email Account' configuration, in 'Manage Apps'. Outlook.com first treated the attempted login as suspicious and blocked the account, but after I logged in and confirmed that it was me, the authentication went through, in X2CRM.
  2. Hello, I'm not able to set up Gmail. I'm not sure if this is a bug in the 8.5 version of X2CRM or is related to my server configuration or other settings. Any help and suggestion will be very much appreciated. I installed X2CRM 8.5 Open Source edition on two hosting accounts, for testing purposes. One relies on CPanel, with a dedicated IP address and another is a cheap Hostinger 'h-panel' hosting plan. On both of them, I am not able to set up Gmail. I tried both the 'Google Email Account with Oauth2' and 'Google Email Account', at 'Manage Apps' in X2CRM. Verifying Cred
  3. Hi, I have the same problem as sgludovats described here. The 'Theme' section under 'Change Personal Settings' doesn't allow to alter any of the selected theme's color values (for background, content, font, etc). I can select a new color, but it is never applied, whether I click on the 'Save' or on the 'Save Profile Settings'. The new color selection is reverted to the original and no change is actually applied. I tried this with practically all of the provided themes (Guava, Phosphor, Twilight, etc.) Clicking on 'New' provides a field to enter a new theme name, but it also doesn't w
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