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  1. That appears to be a rogue whatsapp 'replacement' that is sideloaded on a phone. From that site you linked to it states you should only run their app if security isn't a concern. AFAIK the only way to automate / connect whatsapp is to either get approved for their developer program for api access or run whatsapp web in something like Selenium.
  2. After a server upgrade X2CRM stopped working. So I needed to make some updates to get it working for a client. They are posted on GH if anybody needs. https://github.com/arduent/X2CRM Updated to run using PHP 8.0x Updated to make it work with modern MySql/MariaDB server ie, ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY is now set by default, which totally breaks all the join/'group by' queries in X2CRM. Updates to fix for vulnerabilities reported in CVE-2021-27288, CVE-2020-21088. Added some bug fixes from ignored pull requests on main repo. Added translation updates from ignored pull
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