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  1. Hi all, I enabled logging and the page return Fatal error: Declaration of X2WebUser::checkAccess($operation, $params = Array) must be compatible with CWebUser::checkAccess($operation, $params = Array, $allowCaching = true) in /www/protected/components/X2WebUser.php on line 38 any ideas how can I fix this please?
  2. Hi team, this is my first post. I spent so many hours trying to figure out what I need to do. I installed x2crm latest version (6.9) on Alpine linux 3.8 I used php7 and all went well. After successful installation, the login page just return Error 500. mod_rewrite is enabled in apache, and SetEnv HTTP_MOD_REWRITE 1 is uncommented in .htaccess This is a demo server , so everything on the same host with default installation. apache logs don't show any issues. Can someone please guide me on where can I troubleshoot this? what could be wrong ?
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