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  1. I need to do this as well, to add a link and the text as "Accept terms of service" when clicked on this text it will redirect to a website. I saw the option custom field, do i need to choose, Type: HTML, and then what the attributes should i select? and what should i put in the template here? please assist. Thank you
  2. Hello, I need help I am getting the same error when i try to click on "Save" error is" Please fix the following input errors: External / Public Base URL is not a valid URL. , There is no field for base URL in this form how can i fix it?? please help me ASAP. Thank you, Belqes
  3. HELLO, How to do that? how to set it up on your own in the email settings under admin options? for the preview subscription option? please help me
  4. Hello all , I need help I have error says "I have been successfully unsubscribed to the preview" in the WEB Lead form, How to solve it? Thank you, Belqes
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