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  1. In general PUT method can be used to create a new record, or update an existing record. Does anyone know if it can be used for such with X2CRM API, or is it only used for updates?
  2. As far to my understanding, look-up fields only work with modules. So create a new module that represents the common denominator of the different modules, and add a look-up field to each one of those modules so that they would be linked together through that "common denominator module"?
  3. Hi. Would anyone know of a way to create relationships automatically between records (of the same module, or various modules) that share certain information, such as the person's first and last name, and address? Thanks.
  4. Hey Jack, Thanks for all the tips. The only issue with the API is that it fails authenticating. We're hosting our X2CRM with X2, and I suppose that you work there Anyway, in another thread, a solution was mentioned by updating the .htaccess file, which I don't have access to. Another thread mentioned disabled ports. I'm wondering if you'd have any pointers for me? Thank you. Katia
  5. Hi, My scenario is as follows: I have several Opportunities that are linked to a single Contact. I'd like to be able to calculate the total $ value of all opportunities of the same Contact every time an opportunity is created/updated. Under Contact, I created a custom attribute Total Amount (contact.c_totalAmount) I created a workflow that is triggered by an Opportunity being created--> Change Record: to the related Contact --> Update Record: Total Amount = {c_totalAmount} + {opportunity.quoteAmount} I expected that a Chained Attribute won't work, because there's no
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