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  1. Jack, Thanks for that, appreciate the response, however I think I must not have explained myself properly. Was actually looking for the update file to upload and overwrite to see whether that would fix the issue. It didn't, so i went ahead and did a completely new install of X2CRM. Now on version 8 and issues still remain. Getting 500 Error on save docs, although docs are actually saved. Also getting 500 error on calendar creation and viewing, although have access to all calendar attributes via another user login, not system admin. Comment out line (109) Docs->infoDocCheck() in protect
  2. Hi, had the same with the 500 Error, so followed the instructions as above, and now cannot access the editor and previous Email Template that was created, now shows nothing. Have reverted code back to original, however this not seem to have fixed the problem. Can someone tell me where I can access this file - protected/modules/docs/models/Docs.php, and update. This will hopefully fix current issue, although I doubt it will rectify the Error 500 issue. Any assistance, guidance greatly appreciated
  3. Apologies, just dawned on me after posting. Not something X2CRM deals with, taking quota from hosting account. Issue now rectified!
  4. Hi, Wondering where I can up the email storage quota? Currently set at 10GB and having just installed X2CRM, and configured email, am sitting on 43% already. Any guidance greatly appreciated!
  5. Hi, Seem to be having the same problem, however Google Api is configured and working. Currently getting an Error 500 on show calendar. Have created on, just refuses to show! Update: Google API is NOT staying enabled after saving, so still getting same Error 500 for Calendar creation. Created another user and can create calendar, however System Admin can't! Here's a quick list of what will be included in the report: Error Code: 500 Error Message: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() Stack Trace: [click to toggle display] PHP warning in /home/gettalkingnz/public_html/crm/protected/mo
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