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  1. I believe the email service is considered a Godaddy "workspace" email, accessed via localhost for auth and imap. Created through Godaddy cPanel.
  2. @craig, there are error logs in x2crm/x2engine/ and x2crm/x2engine/protected/runtime that are a good place to start when trying to figure out why things are not working. Ive not looked into updating to PHP7.4 yet, but im sure ill give it a go soon and post my findings and fixes here when I do. @ylandsman, ive not cloned the repo for development yet, but a bug I found yesterday has given me a reason to. Have you worked on anything in this repo before? The Master and branching seems to be not so well maintained anymore. Its a shame because so far its the easiest CRM ive found to use that offer
  3. Im pretty sure I should file this as a bug.... My console log file up to the error is... 2020/10/28 21:45:01 [trace] [application.automation.cron] Logging recent emails for inbox 22020/10/28 21:45:01 [trace] [application.automation.cron] Beginning inbound logging for folder INBOX in inbox 22020/10/28 21:45:01 [warning] [application.automation.cron] Message "test6" already associated with Contact john doe2020/10/28 21:45:01 [trace] [application.automation.cron] Beginning inbound logging for folder INBOX.Archive in inbox 22020/10/28 21:45:01 [trace] [application.automation.cron] Beginning inbo
  4. Okay, figured it out, I'm Using GoDaddy Cpanel on a linux server and had to use the following as my Cron job /usr/local/bin/php x2crm/x2engine/protected/yiic logEmail Though auto logging of inbound Emails is now working as intended. I'm still getting an error from the cron, PHP Error[8]: Undefined property: stdClass::$to in filex2crm/x2engine/protected/modules/emailInboxes/models/EmailInboxes.php at line 1032 #0 unknown(0): EmailInboxes->{closure}() #1 x2crm/x2engine/protected/modules/emailInboxes/models/EmailInboxes.php(1034): array_filter() #2 x2crm/x2engine/protected/commands/Log
  5. this is the error message the cron job is putting out X-Powered-By: PHP/7.3.21 Content-type: text/html; charset=UTF-8 PHP Error[8]: Undefined index: SCRIPT_FILENAME in file x2crm/x2engine/framework/yii.php at line 45 #0 x2crm/x2engine/framework/yii.php(59): getScriptFile() #1 x2crm/x2engine/framework/yii.php(90): getRootPath() #2 x2crm/x2engine/framework/yii.php(218): getCustomPath() #3 x2crm/x2engine/framework/yii.php(156): x2_autoload() #4 x2crm/x2engine/framework/YiiBase.php(207): import() #5 x2crm/x2engine/framework/base/CComponent.php(329): createComponent() #6 x2crm/x2engine/fra
  6. New emails from contacts are not registering with the contact until after I've manually viewed the email from the email tab. It used to show new emails from contacts in the activity window without needing to open the email first. Is there a setting I can change or a way to trouble shoot what might be happening here?
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