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  1. Simple solution and thank you. Very silly of me to assume the auto install on my hosting provider would be the latest version. My bad. Thank you very much. Prem
  2. Hello friends. I'm installing my first instance of X2CRM (opensource 6.9) this morning and am getting the following error when I try and add a google account to the CRM through the Manage Apps option under my profile. I have read elsewhere that this should work faultlessly so am wondering what a newbie like me is doing wrong... Help appreciated as always, Prem Error Code: 500 Error Message: Function mcrypt_encrypt() is deprecated Stack Trace: [click to toggle display] PHP error in /home/gyani772/public_html/weddingtuktuk/CRM/protected/components/util/EncryptUtil.php(161) #0 /home/gyan
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