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  1. My Contact Us page doesnt acctualy send me an email. it stores the information in a file and then i check it daily.
  2. Any One Help Me Regarding Integration of Payumoney with Abantecart as payment gateway I not want to use extension there is any manual way to doing it. Thanks.
  3. Added a right click menu for customizing the find bar. Can show or hide controls that you want to see. By default the new Find All button is hidden. Cody
  4. Wow. What a great news Im sure this tool is still free. Thanks for sharing.
  5. For information, as it is seems that it is not clear explained the directory structure of CamBam: On Linux or better in my Linux installation the System forlder is in my home directory so in Linux is Code:
  6. Translation I put the language pack in the address mentioned above but when I change the terms and save I don't see any changes I wanna translate it into my own language using the Eng files Please gimme some advice on how to get it done . Thanx for ur efforts
  7. Hi, Is there any way to mass delete products as I have done an import, which it said failed.... When looking in my products page, there are now 3000 products there Many duplicated so I don't know what has gone wrong I know that I can select the Page and delete the items, but the maximum I can delete like this is 60, so it will take me forever Many thanks in advance
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