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  1. Is possible to customize the background field color based on a trigger or tag? For example, on a record update (or create) if fields = x, set background color to red. Thanks.
  2. Thanks Attila, I will install v6.6 on a separate folder and do the upgrade to 6.9 there. Thanks for your help, it is much appreciated. ...Roy
  3. Hi @Attila, I didn't find a download link for ver 7.1. Do you have a download link for it? I would rather try ver 7.1 instead of going to v 6.6 and back up to 6.9 Since it is fresh install, I might as well try v 7.1 Thanks...
  4. The left section of the main work area is cut off and I can't see the data displayed on the screen. This happens even when the screen is maximized. See attached images Thanks for any help to resolve this. I just installed version 6.9 on a self hosted site.
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