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  1. I'm trying to override some configuration parameters: 'sourceLanguage' and 'language'. According the wiki (Customization Framework) I created the file web.php in custom/protected/config folder with the parameters I want to override. It looks like this: <?php $customConfig = [ 'sourceLanguage' => 'ca', 'language' => 'ca' ]; return $customConfig; But, after processing in protected/config/web.php (the real, not the custom), this parameters are null. The real web.php includes the custom if exists and merges its contents but does an array_merge, even if the value is not an array
  2. Hello, I have some custom modules with custom currency fields. Users location is usually set to "ca_es" (catalan in Spain) where comma is decimal separator (and dot as thousand group separator). When editing a custom module with currency fields, if its value is not changed (and never has the focus), its value is multiplied 100. (If the field take the focus, it doesn't happen) It seems that doesn't treat the comma separator well enough. Thank you very much!
  3. Ups! Edit Permissions must be duplicated in View Permissions! I'm happy because it works but, I'm little disgusted: I have to work twice! I think that Edit Permissions implicitly include View Permissions, this way is not intuitive, specially for users. Good bye.
  4. Hello, I cannot set "edit permissions" to a role. In ManageRoles Admin page, I click "edit role" and select my role. Then 3 assignation panels are shown: Users, View permissions and Edit permissions. Well, the "edit permissions" assignation panel doesn't work: it allows to assign but after save, the assigned fields have disappeared; and obviously doesn't grant edit permission to the role. I've been looking at the "x2_role_to_permission" table in database. The records are not correct, should be some records with permission to "2" but there's only "0" and "1". (The "view permissions" are r
  5. Hello, It seams that everything can be related to everything, that means, any module to any module. It's that true? I didn't find whether I can disable relations that has no sense for my customer. Is there a way to specify which relations have sense and which not? If not, someone else has the same problem? Thank you.
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